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Henriette Danel

I do hope you enjoy the information, which I am thrilled to share and more importantly, hope you are able to apply this in your life and create your own success. Henriette x

Episode 64: How To Package A Profitable Offer

When you’re selling your services or products, how do you package them?

And of course, I don’t mean just mean literally. I’m referring to the fact that you’re positioning your offer and placing it in front of your audience in such a way, that they can’t say no.

So, whether you’ve got an online course, a particular service you’re offering or even any other digital product… It’s vital for you to understand how to package a profitable offer.

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Episode 59: Why You Should Not Sit Too Long When Working

How many times do you actually stand up from behind your laptop and take a walk or do some proper exercise?

As a female entrepreneur, we sometimes get glued to our laptops and sit for hours on end, only for an aching back or neck to tell us “hey time to get up and stretch”.

I know this because I’m just as guilty of this and spoken to a bunch of other female entrepreneurs about this.

That’s when I decided that this episode will be a bit different today and we are focusing today on our health.

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