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Episode 175: What You Can Do To Work Through Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is a universal human experience that can hinder personal growth and impede entrepreneurial success. And don’t we know it!

Whether as an individual or a business owner, allowing self-doubt to take hold can lead to missed opportunities, decreased confidence, and an overall negative impact on mental well-being.

It creates an inner voice of uncertainty and fears that constantly questions abilities and potential. This constant negative self-talk can erode confidence, limit decision-making abilities, and develop a cycle of self-sabotage.

For business owners, self-doubt can have far-reaching consequences. It can undermine leadership capabilities, hinder effective decision-making, and impede innovation.

The doubt and uncertainty may prevent entrepreneurs from taking necessary risks and adapting to changing market conditions.

However, through hypnotherapy, individuals can effectively work through their self-doubt, reclaim their confidence, and unlock their true potential.

And with this, I want to introduce you to Laura Artero.

Laura’s a Hypnotherapist, Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

She’s a confidence expert, and her work is dedicated to helping other people who struggle with self-doubts and fears.

So, I’m sure you’re now listening to this episode for a reason, because I know you’re going to learn what you can do to work through self-doubt.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. What is self-doubt
2. The unfortunate power of self-doubt
3. How to overcome your self-doubts
4. Identify your inner critical voice

Show Notes: https://henriettedanel.com/what-you-can-do-to-work-through-self-doubt

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Episode 174: Why You Need To Define Success And Stop Comparing

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, success is a concept that surrounds us constantly.

We are bombarded with stories of extraordinary achievements, high-profile careers, and seemingly perfect lives on social media platforms.

In this pursuit of success, it is easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, leading to feelings of inadequacy and discontentment.

However, true success goes far beyond external markers.

So, we’re going to talk about why you need to define success and stop comparing.

And with this, I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah Burrows.

Sarah’s a Career Change Coach and is passionate about helping people change careers and finding a role that is suited to them and aligns with their values.

By working closely with a career coach such as Sarah, you gain invaluable insights into your strengths, areas for growth, and potential career paths, ultimately empowering you to make informed choices and create a future that aligns with your unique aspirations.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. Why defining success for yourself is important
2. Why shouldn’t you compare yourself to others
3. How success differs for each individual and at different times.
4. Why you need to be careful of social media and comparing yourself constantly.

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Episode 173: Create Your Fashion Style Using S.U.P.E.R. Values

So, when you hear about the London fashion show or the New York Fashion Show, are you intrigued?

Or do you feel that’s something the rich would pay attention to?

Fashion styles are highly subjective and constantly evolving, but there are a few general understandings about fashion styles in recent times.

Firstly, fashion is for everyone. People now view fashion styles as a means of self-expression.

There is a growing distinction between style and fashion. While fashion refers to the prevailing trends and designs in the industry, style is more about how individuals interpret and incorporate those trends into their personal aesthetic.

Understanding this difference allows people to develop a unique and authentic style beyond simply following the latest fads.

So, today I’d like to introduce you to Sara Ibrahim.

Sara’s a Personal Stylist helping women interpret their style and become the protagonist of their lives.

She’s going to share her philosophy based on the SUPER Values.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. Understand that fashion should be sustainable
2. How fashion makes you unique
3. Your personal approach to fashion
4. The ethical causes aligned with fashion
5. Your responsibility with fashion

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Episode 169: How To Grow Your Confidence Through Personal Styling

Confidence is an essential aspect of success, and it is crucial to present oneself in a confident manner in all situations, especially in business.

So, how can you grow your confidence through personal styling?

Your style and personal brand play an essential role in building your confidence, and investing in a personal stylist can help you enhance your confidence and overall image.

Firstly, a personal stylist can help you understand your personal style and what suits you best. Everyone has a unique style, and a stylist can help you identify the colours, patterns, and silhouettes that complement your body type and personality.

They can also help you discover new styles you may not have considered before, allowing you to experiment and expand your fashion horizons.

Another benefit of working with a personal stylist is that they can help you create a signature look that is unique to you. A signature look is a way to differentiate yourself from others in your industry and stand out from the crowd.

This can be achieved through the use of colour, accessories, and statement pieces, and a stylist can help you identify what works best for you.

And today, I want to introduce you to Stefania Bartolomei.

Stefania is the head stylist and founder of One of a Style, an award-winning agency providing personal style coaching for real women with real lives.

Stefania will be sharing some fantastic insight as to how you can grow your confidence through personal styling.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. The false myths about personal styling.
2. The most common struggles we all face when it comes to confidence and style
3. Top tips for developing your own personal style
4. How a styling business can survive, whatever is happening in the world.

Show Notes: https://henriettedanel.com/how-to-grow-your-confidence-through-personal-styline

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Episode 164: Relieve Stress And Tension Using Somatic Movement

Have you stood up from your desk one day and felt your back needs a stretch?

Or maybe you wake up one morning, your neck feels tight and all you can think is that you’ve slept wrong, right?

Unfortunately, sometimes stretching alone won’t solve these issues.

This is why I’m happy to introduce you to Denise Balyoz.

Denise is a Movement Coach and helps people feel and move better through Clinical Somatic Movement Therapy.

And it’s with Somatic Movement that you can quickly dissolve stress, tension, pain and trauma.

Now, I’ve always been intrigued by the way our bodies and minds work, so I know that you’re going to love hearing from Denise today and her explanation of how Somatic Movement can also help you.

You’re going to learn:
1. What is Somatic Movement
2. What is Sensory Motor Amnesia & the Tension Patterns of the Body
3. What happens as we age – The Dark Vise & the Myth of Ageing
4. The power of Using the Body as a Catalyst

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Episode 161: 5 Mindset Blocks You Can Easily Overcome

How many times do you have a great idea and then very quickly, all those questions pop up in your mind and you start doubting your idea?

Or maybe you’ve been running your own business for a while and you just feel stuck? You want to move on but you’re not sure why you’re stuck.

You’ll be very surprised to hear that most of the things that make you feel stuck or stagnant in life or business are not because of what someone else is doing.

Nor does it have anything to do with what’s happening in the world or with your government.

It’s all got to do with you and your subconscious beliefs.

The best part is that you can easily overcome these blocks, but it will take a bit of work.

So today, I want to introduce you to Tashina King.

Tashina’s a Confidence & Mindset Coach. She specializes specifically in subconscious belief transformations.

You’re going to love today’s episode, so make sure you’ve got a pen and notebook handy ok.

So, we’re going to discuss:
1. The twins: Perfectionism & Procrastination
2. The truth behind the fear of failure or success
3. How do you feel about imposter syndrome
4. How to overcome overwhelm
5. Understanding clarity and working through your clouded thinking

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Episode 150: Are You Curious About Pranic Healing

Are you a curious person who’s always open-minded to learn new things and explore new tools that you never knew existed?

Maybe you’re on a journey to find something.

You just don’t know what it is you’re looking for yet. But you’ll know when you found it, right?

I think the most beautiful discovery on your life’s journey, is learning more about who you are in the process.

And I do feel that this includes, staying open-minded and following your intuition.

So, when I met Tara Mehmet for the first time I got very intrigued about Pranic Healing.

Tara’s part of an organisation helping people with their physical, emotional and mental health with a system called Pranic Healing, which combines ancient healing methods with modern science.

And today, Tara’s going to share some amazing stories with you and explain more about Pranic Healing.

In today’s episode you’re going to learn:
1. What is Pranic Healing
2. About the Founder Master of Pranic Healing
3. What is energy in our daily lives
4. How Pranic Healing can help you
5. The Twin Hearts Mediation tool.

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Episode 149: How Nordic Walking Can Help You Mentally And Physically

Have you been looking for a new way to challenge yourself both mentally and physically?

With spring finally here in the UK, I’ve been looking for new and exciting ways to just go out in nature and challenge myself physically.

This is when I met Riikka and she told me about Nordic Walking.

I never heard about Nordic Walking before and thought, how is this different from just walking, right?

And we got into a very interesting conversation, which I know you’re going to love.

I asked Riikka to be a guest on my podcast today and talk about her experience with Nordic Walking and how it can benefit you both mentally and physically.

Riikka’s a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor and founder of Move Nordic.

You’re going to learn:
1. What is Nordic Walking
2. What are the benefits of Nordic Walking
3. Who is Nordic Walking for?
4. What is joyful movement motivation all about?

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Episode 147: Why You Need To Explore Your Own Energy

Have you ever thought about how you wake up in the morning?

Those first few minutes and the amount of energy you have in the morning, can affect your day and your business, right?

What about those negative energies that you don’t even know of? You know those things we call limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and negative self-talk.

Even if you do wake up with a great feeling and enormous amounts of energy to take on the day, it won’t last long.


Because all those negative beliefs, self-sabotage and self-talk is mostly holding you back.

So how do you get rid of those energies and why do you need to explore your own energies?

I’m so happy to introduce you to Sophie Watson

Sophie helps Corporate & Entrepreneurial women who are feeling lost, stuck or not knowing who they are anymore.

She can help her clients pinpoint where they need change and she helps them discover who they truly are as a soul.

What makes Sophie different is that she communicates with Spirit and she’s also an Empath, which means that she can feel people’s pain, emotions and energetic blocks.

Today we’re going to discuss why you need to explore your own energy. You’re going to learn:
1. How does your own energy affect your business
2. How do past experiences shape your current life
3. Why do you need to look after your energy before working with clients
4. How past lives could also be affecting your business & life

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Episode 145: Your 6 Steps To Financial Freedom

Do you have a financial plan for your future?

Are you set up financially to cover any unknown emergencies?

For so many people, this topic alone makes us feel that we want to bury our heads in the sand and just avoid it altogether, right?

But if you understand and know what you need to do to look after your financial future, you’d be very surprised how easy it actually is.

I’m so honoured to introduce you to Naomi Haynes.

Naomi is a Financial Advisor and helps people to take control of their money with down to earth, easy to understand financial advice.

She’s also passionate about making people aware of the Gender Pension Gap and working towards closing this gap one person at a time.

Trust me, you’re going to love hearing Naomi’s 6 steps to your financial freedom.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:
1. Your 6 Steps to financial freedom
2. What is the gender pension gap

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Episode 144: How Tutoring Can Help You And Your Child

We all know that the past couple of years were tough, especially if you had to jump into homeschooling, right?

I know so many parents had a tough time trying to keep a balance at home, with their jobs and upholding homeschooling too.

And I know this might resonate with you in more ways than one.

This is why I wanted to bring Lucy Cawkwell onto today’s episode.

Even though we’re not doing homeschooling anymore, we still have to consider what would help our children and, in most cases, tutoring is at the forefront.

Lucy runs the tutoring agency here in London called Osborn Cawkwell Tuition.

She’s built this agency over the past 20 years and has a carefully selected and vetted group of around 150 expert tutors in London and the UK.

With a background in tutoring herself, she wanted to help children not just with exams but with general support too.

In addition, the benefits to the parents are also obvious and work for the whole family.

Today we’re going to discuss how tutoring can help you and your child. You’re going to learn:
1. How tutoring can help a child and not just for exams
2. How to find the right tutor for your child
3. How a tutoring agency can stand out from the crowd

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Episode 141: 5 Steps To Increase Your Health And Wellbeing

So, with the new year you’ve possibly taken a moment or two to reflect on your own health, right?

You’ve thought about what you can do to become a bit more active and how to eat healthier.

And I don’t blame you, I’ve done exactly the same.

Just with my own health, I’ve also had to think about my business health, because as you’ll see today, both do work hand-in-hand.

I’m so honoured to introduce you today to Gregory Anne Cox

Gregory Anne is a Wellness Coach and used to be a Professional Chef.

She helps women who don’t like to play by the rules and aren’t ready to get old (that might be quite a few of us then). She helps them to feel better, healthier and more confident in their own health.

Gregory Anne also runs another business called Be More Marketable. This is a Copywriting and Marketing business for coaches, which again, a lot of us need in business.

I know today’s episode might shine the light on a few health topics which you can start implementing for yourself and your business.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:
1. The 5 Steps to increase your Health and Wellbeing
2. How to use these steps also in your business for growth
3. The best gift to yourself.

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