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Henriette Danel

I do hope you enjoy the information, which I am thrilled to share and more importantly, hope you are able to apply this in your life and create your own success. Henriette x

Episode 171: How To Use Your Book As A Marketing Tool

So, you’ve been playing with this idea to write a book, right?

The idea’s been there for a while and you’re excited when you think about it, but equally, you’re daunted by the idea.

It’s hard work, and you don’t know how to start and what you need to do to publish it, not to mention the time it’ll take.

But as a business owner, writing a book can be a valuable investment of time and resources. A book can help establish your authority in your industry and position you as a thought leader.

Not only does it provide an opportunity to establish credibility and authority, but it can also be an effective lead-generation tool.

By offering a free sample, building trust, following up with potential customers, creating a sense of urgency, and encouraging referrals, a book can help you generate leads and grow your business.

This is exactly why I’ve invited Larissa Soehn to the podcast.

Larissa’s a book coach and ghostwriter specialising in helping coaches to write their books and boost their businesses. She’s also a published author herself of multiple books.

Also, just a little heads-up that I’ve also collaborated and written a chapter in a book, which will be published on the 22nd May 2023. The book is called Fab Collab, and I’ve included more details in my show notes.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. How a book can help you and your business
2. What it takes to write a book
3. Why you can ask for help to write a book
4. How to use your book to generate leads for high-paying clients

Show Notes: https://henriettedanel.com/how-to-use-your-book-as-a-marketing-tool

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Episode 170: How To Be Aligned With Your Marketing

So, how can you be aligned with your marketing?

By understanding your vision and values, you can create a marketing strategy that aligns with your core beliefs and resonates with your target audience.

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business, as it helps create awareness about your products or services.

However, it is common for business owners to feel overwhelmed by the various marketing strategies that experts recommend.

As a result, many entrepreneurs end up trying to do what people say they should be doing rather than focusing on what is aligned with their business and values.

So today, I’d like to introduce you to Sarah Sienkiewicz.

Sarah’s a business coach, supporting wellness practitioners to create a marketing strategy that’s aligned with their vision.

Equally, if you’re wondering about your marketing strategy and what’s aligned with you, then I know you’ll love this episode.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. How to create success, by being aligned with your marketing
2. The dangers of following someone else’s path
3. Use a planner to map out your truth, goals and vision.

Show Notes: https://henriettedanel.com/how-to-be-aligned-with-your-marketing

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Episode 169: How To Grow Your Confidence Through Personal Styling

Confidence is an essential aspect of success, and it is crucial to present oneself in a confident manner in all situations, especially in business.

So, how can you grow your confidence through personal styling?

Your style and personal brand play an essential role in building your confidence, and investing in a personal stylist can help you enhance your confidence and overall image.

Firstly, a personal stylist can help you understand your personal style and what suits you best. Everyone has a unique style, and a stylist can help you identify the colours, patterns, and silhouettes that complement your body type and personality.

They can also help you discover new styles you may not have considered before, allowing you to experiment and expand your fashion horizons.

Another benefit of working with a personal stylist is that they can help you create a signature look that is unique to you. A signature look is a way to differentiate yourself from others in your industry and stand out from the crowd.

This can be achieved through the use of colour, accessories, and statement pieces, and a stylist can help you identify what works best for you.

And today, I want to introduce you to Stefania Bartolomei.

Stefania is the head stylist and founder of One of a Style, an award-winning agency providing personal style coaching for real women with real lives.

Stefania will be sharing some fantastic insight as to how you can grow your confidence through personal styling.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. The false myths about personal styling.
2. The most common struggles we all face when it comes to confidence and style
3. Top tips for developing your own personal style
4. How a styling business can survive, whatever is happening in the world.

Show Notes: https://henriettedanel.com/how-to-grow-your-confidence-through-personal-styline

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Episode 168: What It Looks Like To Start A Business Young

Starting a business at a young age can have numerous benefits for entrepreneurs, including gaining valuable experience and skills, creating financial independence, and fostering personal and professional growth.

However, there are also unique challenges that young entrepreneurs may face, such as limited resources and credibility in the business world. Overcoming these challenges can inspire a younger generation to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.

One of the biggest benefits of starting a business at a young age is the opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills. Young entrepreneurs are often more willing to take risks and try new things, which can lead to a greater understanding of what it takes to succeed in the business world.

Starting a business at a young age can also provide a valuable learning opportunity for future careers, as entrepreneurs must learn to manage finances, market products or services, and build and manage teams.

So, with that, I want to introduce you to Lucy Carter-Vale.

Lucy’s a young entrepreneur who started LMA Studios, a dancing school, at the age of twenty.

She runs her business completely solo and has so many amazing ideas to grow the dancing school into an extraordinary success.

She’s going to share her incredible story and inspire you to think about what options are available also for your children, if they want to start their own businesses one day.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. The highs and lows of being a young female business owner
2. Being open-minded that every day is a learning-day
3. Inspiring the next generation by example
4. The different views of success and what it means to you & your children.

Show Notes: https://henriettedanel.com/what-it-looks-like-to-start-a-business-young

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Episode 167: What Is The Sweet Spot Between Price And Value

Now I promise you that if there’s one question I get all the time, it’s how to put up your prices.

And I love this question, because this will be the exact moment where you discover the real meaning of value.

But as soon as you put your prices up, imposter syndrome kicks in and you wonder if anybody will buy from you – so you end up putting your prices down again, right?

I’ve seen this happen more times than I can count, but the problem starts with your own clarity and the value you offer.

I show my clients how they can put up their prices, so that it’s aligned with them and showcases the value they offer authentically.

And on top of that, how you can easily sell your packages even at the increased price. And if you can even talk to my clients, they will confirm it is possible because they’ve done it too.

But, I didn’t want to be the only one to share this with you, which is why I want to introduce you to Jan Cavelle.

Jan’s a semi-retired entrepreneur, sales expert and author.

With so many years of experience, I was delighted to interview Jan and wanted to share her tips with you here today.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. The difference between price and value
2. What people fail to understand about selling
3. Why you shouldn’t give discounts to first-time clients
4. What can kill your sales potential.

Show Notes: https://henriettedanel.com/what-is-the-sweet-spot-between-price-and-value

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Episode 166: Why You Need To Keep Your Website Updated

OK, so my guess is that you have a website or thinking that you now want to get one, right?

And even if you already have a website, you might be wondering about how it’s doing and also, how to utilise it more so that people can find you.

On most occasions you might even fear the techy aspects of a website and feel once it’s done, you can just leave it to run by itself.

Well, the simple truth is that you always need to keep your website updated if you want to be found online.

And these days, it’s easier than ever to do, you just need to know what is of value to update and how consistent you need to be with it – regardless of the tech.

With this, I want to introduce you to Helen Bantock.

Helen’s the owner of Kite Web Design. She designs and maintains websites for small businesses, individuals and practitioners.

She grew her business organically from recommendations and has become very well-known for her knowledge, talent and skills.

So, I’m really excited about this interview, because I know you’re going to take away some fabulous tips that you can do yourself.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. What Content is important for your website
2. Blogging on your website – Why you need it and What to blog about (some really great tips here)
3. Why you need to keep your website updated
4. The upcoming changes with Google Analytics – what you need to know

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Episode 165: How Are You Showing Up As A Female Leader

Now for most of us, we can think of leadership as a role you play within a company, right?

But if you really dive deeper into all aspects of being a leader, it doesn’t just get represented in companies. But also in your personal life and if you’re running a business, it will definitely show up there too.

So, for you as a woman in business, it’s important o understand what your female leadership looks like and also to understand that this needs to be aligned with who you are.

In today’s episode, I’d like to introduce you to Genevieve Retzlaff.

Gen runs her own business called Grow Better Together, where they offer their services in the realm of team and leadership development, with a focus on female leadership.

Together with her team, she’s also helping organisations align their businesses and their people, to prepare for future work and projects.

So, if you haven’t thought of yourself as a leader yet, then this episode will inspire you to think more about who you are and how to show up as a female leader.

You’re going to learn:
1. Why is it important for you to step into this female leadership role
2. How limiting beliefs can affect you and how to get rid of them
3. The importance of growing and building your self-confidence

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Episode 164: Relieve Stress And Tension Using Somatic Movement

Have you stood up from your desk one day and felt your back needs a stretch?

Or maybe you wake up one morning, your neck feels tight and all you can think is that you’ve slept wrong, right?

Unfortunately, sometimes stretching alone won’t solve these issues.

This is why I’m happy to introduce you to Denise Balyoz.

Denise is a Movement Coach and helps people feel and move better through Clinical Somatic Movement Therapy.

And it’s with Somatic Movement that you can quickly dissolve stress, tension, pain and trauma.

Now, I’ve always been intrigued by the way our bodies and minds work, so I know that you’re going to love hearing from Denise today and her explanation of how Somatic Movement can also help you.

You’re going to learn:
1. What is Somatic Movement
2. What is Sensory Motor Amnesia & the Tension Patterns of the Body
3. What happens as we age – The Dark Vise & the Myth of Ageing
4. The power of Using the Body as a Catalyst

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Episode 163: When To Use Your Story To Help Business Growth

So, be honest with yourself and think about how many times you have shared your story online, on social media, or with your audience.

Maybe you’re thinking that you don’t have a story – I mean who would want to listen to it, right?

Or maybe you’re even wondering how to tell your story?

And those are all valid points, but here’s the difference, no matter how you share or tell your story, it is unique and people want to hear it.

And with this, I’d like to introduce you to Dina Behrman.

Dina is a former Journalist and today she’s a PR Strategist and Publisher, working with entrepreneurs who want to inspire millions, skyrocket their visibility and attract more clients.

She’s also a bestselling author and featured in places like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huff Post, The Guardian and BBC Radio.

So, believe me when I say that this episode will make you think more about how to use your story and grow your business tremendously.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. How to grow your business by sharing your story & expertise
2. How sharing your story and expertise in multi-author books grows your business
3. How getting featured in the press creates a more significant impact and more income. Followed by some great tips.

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Episode 162: Why You Need To Understand GDPR

So, have you heard of the abbreviation GDPR before?

Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, and maybe you’re thinking that this just doesn’t apply to you.

But, as a business owner, now more than ever, you have to understand GDPR and know if you are legally compliant.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulations. And I get it, it feels like you’ve got so many other things going on in your business, that this is just the last thing on your list and not important right now.

You might even feel like someone is throwing a rule book in your face and now you’ve got to spend days trying to read all the legal requirements, right?

But I can assure you, GDPR is actually easier than you might think.

And for this reason, I’ve asked Jo Brianti to come and talk to us in easy-to-follow words, about what GDPR really is and how you can understand and implement it in your business, to be compliant.

Jo’s an expert when it comes to GDPR & Data Protection as she’s a fully qualified consultant to help small businesses to meet the requirements, through her consultancy business & training.

And today, Jo is going to share why you need to understand GDPR and how you can implement it easily in your business.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. What is GDPR & Data Protection
2. Why do you need to be compliant (no matter where you are in the world)
3. Advantages vs Disadvantages of GDPR
4. Top tips to help you with your own compliance

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Episode 161: 5 Mindset Blocks You Can Easily Overcome

How many times do you have a great idea and then very quickly, all those questions pop up in your mind and you start doubting your idea?

Or maybe you’ve been running your own business for a while and you just feel stuck? You want to move on but you’re not sure why you’re stuck.

You’ll be very surprised to hear that most of the things that make you feel stuck or stagnant in life or business are not because of what someone else is doing.

Nor does it have anything to do with what’s happening in the world or with your government.

It’s all got to do with you and your subconscious beliefs.

The best part is that you can easily overcome these blocks, but it will take a bit of work.

So today, I want to introduce you to Tashina King.

Tashina’s a Confidence & Mindset Coach. She specializes specifically in subconscious belief transformations.

You’re going to love today’s episode, so make sure you’ve got a pen and notebook handy ok.

So, we’re going to discuss:
1. The twins: Perfectionism & Procrastination
2. The truth behind the fear of failure or success
3. How do you feel about imposter syndrome
4. How to overcome overwhelm
5. Understanding clarity and working through your clouded thinking

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Episode 160: How To Transition From Me To A Team

Do you already have a Virtual Assistant helping you in your business?

Or are you still wondering whether you need someone to help you and if you should start building a little team?

There are all the questions about delegating and thinking: “But I can do this better and quicker myself…”

And then you might even wonder if you can afford a team.

This is exactly why I’ve invited Karette Trottman to the podcast

Karette is the owner of a Virtual Assistant agency and has grown her own team, to help business owners all over the world with their services.

And Karette is going to share how to transition from me to delegating to a team so that you can grow your business and become more efficient.

You’re going to learn:
1. The mindset behind delegating
2. Why do you need a team and what team you should look for
3. How to choose the right people
4. When do you need to start your team

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