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Episode 36: Do You Use Strength-Based Personal Branding?

Do you have a personal brand or do you want more visibility for yourself, so that your business can grow?

What about your strengths? Do you know what they are and are you incorporating those into your brand?

Today’s podcast episode is all about Strength-based Personal Branding.

Brittney is a brand strategist and business coach. She helps other coaches, creatives and online entrepreneurs with a personal brand who are genuine, driven and want to leave a legacy.

This help entrepreneurs captivate and convert clients with a personal brand that fits like a glove and actually feels like them, which in turn allows them to make sales and make an impact on their terms.

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Episode 31: 3 Steps To Show Up & Be Visible

I’m so honoured to introduce you to Kay Fabella.
She’s a fantastic Story Teller and have even self-published her book called Rewrite Your Story.
In today’s episode we’re going to talk about the 3 Steps to show up & be visible:
1. Why you need to be willing, to be the first to show up & share your story
2. To show why you care, why you and why now
3. The importance of calling people Up and out

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Episode 30: How To Start Your Podcast

So, how do you start a podcast? Today I’m talking to Jenny Suneson.

Jenny’s a Podcast Launch Strategist and owner of the Savvy Podcast Agency.

She mainly works with female entrepreneurs to help them launch & grow their podcast, so that they can get into the ears of their ideal clients.

Today we’re going to talk about:
1. Your Marketing Strategy as a New Podcaster
2. How to easily get started with Podcasting
3. And lastly, some amazing tips which Jenny’s sharing and also, what tools you can use – for free.

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Episode 29: How To Control Your Mindset

On today’s podcast episode I’m talking to Gaelle Berruel.

Gaelle’s a Mindset Mentor, Fear Expert & Motivational Speaker.
Today we’re going to talk about:
1. One of the biggest fears holding you back, which is the fear of failure
2. Why woman constantly feel overwhelmed and how to fix this.
3. How to change your mindset about visibility for yourself & your business

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