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I'm Henriette

A Strategic Business Coach helping Professional Female Entrepreneurs like you, who struggle to get clients & would like to attract high paying clients continuously, without pushing too hard.

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My philosophy's "never say no to opportunities, because once you say no, they could be gone forever."

You’re a hard working woman, serving those who need you the most.


And yet, trying to find your clients & serve them… that’s the tricky part, right?


The good news, you’re not on your own.


It’s now easier than ever to attract high paying clients, you just need to know where & how to start.


I feel that with the right mindset and “can-do attitude”, you can attract your high paying clients, grow your business & make a success.


And I can show you exactly, how to do this.

What separates me from other Business Coaches...


Born in South Africa, I always knew I’d be a Successful Entrepreneur…


My unique ability is to take complicated strategies, dissect them and put it together in such a way, that’s easier to understand & implement.


And because of this, my clients receive easy to follow guidance on what they need to do, to attract high paying clients continuously


My motto: “Nothing will happen, unless YOU make it Happen!” 

My Mission is to empower you with the right Mindset, Strategies & Action to attract high paying clients and sell your services to those who need you the most.


I believe that you’ve got the potential to reach your wildest dreams & grow your empire – you just need a little help on your journey.


Inspiring you to take that leap into the unknown and learn more about yourself in the process, is priceless.


So Start Your Success Story Now!


I look forward to meeting you

Henriette xxx

If you're a Professional Female Entrepreneur in a service-based industry & have a desire to break free and start attracting high paying clients, then you're definitely in the right place.

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