Born in South Africa, Henriette grew up always knowing she would be a Successful Entrepreneur…. 

Her philosophy is “never say no to opportunities, because once you say no, they could be gone forever”.

With all the technology available today, it is now easier than ever to start your own online business. 

The reason so many people fail, is because they don’t know how to use the information and get overwhelmed with the prospects of starting an online business.

Henriette feels that with the right mindset and “can-do attitude”, anybody can start their own online business and make a success. 

Being stuck in the ‘rat-race’ was comfortable at first and Henriette worked her way up to a high-valued managerial position. There she learned a lot about business, strategies, sales and the corporate world.

However, as time went on the excitement of being in such a high valued position faded and the yearning of becoming an entrepreneur was stronger than ever.

This was when she decided that “Nothing will happen, unless I make it happen”

My Mission is to empower all those whom wish to start their own online business and make their dreams come true. It isn’t rocket science, but it does require YOU to make it happen.

I believe that everybody has the potential to make their dreams come true and I am here to provide you with the tools, to do so.

Inspiring other people to take that leap into the unknown and discover more about themselves in the  process, is priceless. ‘

So, start your Success Story now!