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Episode 43: Can You Get Clients Through Instagram Stories

Are you thinking that Instagram Stories could be a strategy for you to use in your business?

And do you wonder, how other people are getting clients from Instagram Stories & how you can do it too?

Well, you’re not the only one who wants to know how this is done.

That’s exactly why I’ve got Monja Meyer here with me today and we’re going to talk about, how you can get clients through Instagram Stories.

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Episode 42: How To Pivot In An Ever Changing Market

Do you have a great idea to start a business?

Or are you already running a business and you’ve got a great idea to grow your business?

But, what do you do to turn that idea into reality?

And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

How to pivot with your ideas in an ever-changing market.

I’m so excited to introduce you to Lorraine Ball.

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Episode 41: How To Create A Positive Money Mindset

What are your thoughts when it comes to money?

Is it a topic you discuss with your loved ones or in your business?

Maybe talking about money is something that’s difficult and instead you feel it’s best to avoid it.

But let’s get honest and talk about how to create a positive money mindset as of today.

I’m pleased to introduce you to Therese Nicklas on this podcast episode. She’s a Certified Financial Planner and Money Coach.

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Episode 39: Are You Too Young To Start A Business?

If you’re still thinking of starting a business but you’re worried that you’re too young or maybe even too old to start – then you definitely need to listen to this podcast episode.

On the other hand, you’ve already got your business up and running, but wondering how you can expand and grow your business…. Then this episode is also for you.

Today is going to shine some light on your questions & inspire you to do amazing things.

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Episode 36: Do You Use Strength-Based Personal Branding?

Do you have a personal brand or do you want more visibility for yourself, so that your business can grow?

What about your strengths? Do you know what they are and are you incorporating those into your brand?

Today’s podcast episode is all about Strength-based Personal Branding.

Brittney is a brand strategist and business coach. She helps other coaches, creatives and online entrepreneurs with a personal brand who are genuine, driven and want to leave a legacy.

This help entrepreneurs captivate and convert clients with a personal brand that fits like a glove and actually feels like them, which in turn allows them to make sales and make an impact on their terms.

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