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Episode 59: Why You Should Not Sit Too Long When Working

How many times do you actually stand up from behind your laptop and take a walk or do some proper exercise?

As a female entrepreneur, we sometimes get glued to our laptops and sit for hours on end, only for an aching back or neck to tell us “hey time to get up and stretch”.

I know this because I’m just as guilty of this and spoken to a bunch of other female entrepreneurs about this.

That’s when I decided that this episode will be a bit different today and we are focusing today on our health.

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Episode 55: Why You Need To Automate & Monetise Your Time

How much time do you spend in your business doing stuff, but not feeling really productive?

Or even, how much time are you spending on things you would really love to do, but feel you don’t have the time to do it?

Admit it, when you started your business you wanted to work on your own schedule and do what you’ve always wanted to do – but is that really what’s happening?

Ok, so time to get serious and start making a difference in your time and business.

Which is why today we’re going to talk about why you need to automate & monetise your time better.

So I’m honoured to have Arna van Gogh here with us.

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