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February 18, 2021

Episode 96: How To Discover Yourself Using Life Spider Coaching

How To Discover Yourself Using Life Spider Coaching

With all the opportunities and choices available in life and in business, how often do you find yourself overwhelmed by everything?

Understanding what it is that you want in life is really important, but even just that is a difficult question to answer, right?

Then what about all the projects you want to start and even finish?

And with this, we’re going to talk today about how to discover yourself using life spider coaching.

I’m honoured to introduce you to Ann-Britt Bolinder.

Ann-Britt has worked as a Life Spider Coach since 2018 and is successfully combining FEEL and Life Spider coaching.

She works with women who want to be successful without overwhelm and she wants you to shine in all your glory, being the strong and powerful woman, you are.

So in today’s episode, you’re going to learn:

  1. What is Life Spider Coaching.
  2. How to become your you-est you.
  3. What are the strong driving forces to look out for.
  4. The difference between male & female energies.

You’ll also enjoy THIS EPISODE

how to discover yourself using life spider coaching.

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