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May 2, 2019

Episode 17: What Is Marketing About?

What Is Marketing Really About


Now before you run for the hills and scream: “I’m not a marketer…!”




If you’ve got your own business or if you’re thinking of starting your own online business, then I highly suggest you listen to this episode.


Marketing is the No. 1 Skill that you’ll need, to ensure you get more clients and make more money!


So, I’m sharing 4 TIPS on Marketing and how you can learn more about online marketing, to grow your business:

  1. Email Marketing is still the best – build your email list!
  2. Blogging works – think Freebies…
  3. Don’t always rely just on Social Media.
  4. Storytelling.


As mentioned, if you want to get Seth Godin’s book: “This is Marketing” (no affiliate links) 


Then look out for it on Amazon…

Seth Godin


To learn more about Marketing Strategies, I suggest that you sign up to The Entrepreneurial Success Project 


So don’t miss this opportunity to gain the right knowledge on Marketing!


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