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June 11, 2020

Episode 60: How You Can Sell With Authenticity

How You Can Sell With Authenticity

How You Can Sell With Authenticity


Now, how do you feel when you sell your product or services?


We all know and feel that the word “sell” has a negative connotation and with this, we are brought up with beliefs about selling.


So, when you’re now a business owner and you need to sell your products or services, there’s something inside of you that is pushing against your chest, right?


And that’s why it’s so important to almost un-learn everything you were taught about selling, and re-learn how you can sell with authenticity.


Today’s all about how you can sell with authenticity.


I’m so pleased to introduce you to Jacqueline Norton who’s here with us today to talk about authentic selling.


Jacqueline’s a Sales Strategy & Pitch Coach working with both executive & creative clients.


Her speciality is to help non-sales people to sell authentically and creating a real connection with their clients.


So, in this episode you’re going to learn:

  1. Why Selling is actually a Solution
  2. How to centre your selling energy
  3. Why your own clarity will help you sell your product / service.


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[…] You can also listen to this Episode 60 – How You Can Sell With Authenticity  […]


[…] You’ll also enjoy this Episode 60: How You Can Sell With Authenticity […]


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