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Episode 179: The Beauty of HR and Collaborations

Did you know that all your families, friends and schools shaped you already for collaborations from a young age?

These early experiences help you develop essential skills, attitudes, and perspectives that influence how you approach partnerships and collaborations later on.

Additionally, understanding your own identity and values is crucial for creating meaningful and successful collaborations. And these you learn, of course, as you grow and develop into the person you are today.

You learn to navigate conflicts, compromise, and negotiate – skills that are essential for effective collaboration in any setting.

These experiences instil resilience and adaptability, qualities that are critical when navigating the complexities of business partnerships. Learning to stay determined in the face of difficulties prepares you to handle the inevitable hurdles in collaborative ventures.

When you know yourself well, you can seek out collaborations that align with your personal and professional goals. Being aware of your own identity helps you identify opportunities that are mutually beneficial and conducive to growth.

And that’s why I want to introduce you today to another one of the authors of the Fab Collab book, Bina Briggs.

Bina’s an HR Consultant that help SMEs with their HR matters. You’ll hear her story of how collaborations have helped shape her life and helped her decide to start a business with her business partner.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. How collaborations shape you from the early stages of life
2. The beauty of HR and the creation of business partnerships
3. Why you should be yourself and be in alignment every day

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Episode 177: Why You Can Use Collaborations As An Accountant

Do you know that you’ve actually done more collaborations in your life than you’ve ever expected?

Collaboration is a pillar of progress and achievement in both business and life.

Humans have thrived by joining forces, pooling resources, and working together towards common objectives.

Collaboration in business fosters an environment where diverse talents, perspectives, and expertise converge to tackle challenges, devise innovative solutions, and capitalize on opportunities.

When individuals from different backgrounds and skill sets unite their efforts, collective intelligence becomes greater than the sum of its parts. This synergy leads to increased creativity, enhanced problem-solving capabilities, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing landscapes.

Similarly, in life, collaboration nurtures connections and strengthens bonds between individuals. Through open communication and a willingness to share responsibilities, collaborative efforts lead to stronger relationships, mutual support, and a deeper sense of belonging.

Whether within families, communities, or societies, the collaborative spirit is pivotal in promoting understanding, empathy, and a shared vision for a better future.

And that’s why I want to introduce you today to one of the authors of the Fab Collab book, Andrea Richards.

You’ll hear her story of how collaborations have helped her in her personal life, business and how anything is possible, no matter what.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. Why collaborations are about putting aside personal pride
2. The benefits of going outside of your comfort zone with others
3. Why you need to listen twice as much as you talk, when you’re collaborating
4. Using the tools available to you in collaborations

Show Notes: https://henriettedanel.com/why-you-can-use-collaborations-as-an-accountant

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Episode 171: How To Use Your Book As A Marketing Tool

So, you’ve been playing with this idea to write a book, right?

The idea’s been there for a while and you’re excited when you think about it, but equally, you’re daunted by the idea.

It’s hard work, and you don’t know how to start and what you need to do to publish it, not to mention the time it’ll take.

But as a business owner, writing a book can be a valuable investment of time and resources. A book can help establish your authority in your industry and position you as a thought leader.

Not only does it provide an opportunity to establish credibility and authority, but it can also be an effective lead-generation tool.

By offering a free sample, building trust, following up with potential customers, creating a sense of urgency, and encouraging referrals, a book can help you generate leads and grow your business.

This is exactly why I’ve invited Larissa Soehn to the podcast.

Larissa’s a book coach and ghostwriter specialising in helping coaches to write their books and boost their businesses. She’s also a published author herself of multiple books.

Also, just a little heads-up that I’ve also collaborated and written a chapter in a book, which will be published on the 22nd May 2023. The book is called Fab Collab, and I’ve included more details in my show notes.

Today you’re going to learn:
1. How a book can help you and your business
2. What it takes to write a book
3. Why you can ask for help to write a book
4. How to use your book to generate leads for high-paying clients

Show Notes: https://henriettedanel.com/how-to-use-your-book-as-a-marketing-tool

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