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August 24, 2023

Episode 179: The Beauty of HR and Collaborations

The Beauty of HR and Collaborations


Did you know that all your families, friends and schools shaped you already for collaborations from a young age?

These early experiences help you develop essential skills, attitudes, and perspectives that influence how you approach partnerships and collaborations later on.

Additionally, understanding your own identity and values is crucial for creating meaningful and successful collaborations. And these you learn, of course, as you grow and develop into the person you are today.

You learn to navigate conflicts, compromise, and negotiate – skills that are essential for effective collaboration in any setting.

These experiences instil resilience and adaptability, qualities that are critical when navigating the complexities of business partnerships. Learning to stay determined in the face of difficulties prepares you to handle the inevitable hurdles in collaborative ventures.

When you know yourself well, you can seek out collaborations that align with your personal and professional goals. Being aware of your own identity helps you identify opportunities that are mutually beneficial and conducive to growth.

And that’s why I want to introduce you today to another one of the authors of the Fab Collab book, Bina Briggs.

Bina’s an HR Consultant that help SMEs with their HR matters. You’ll hear her story of how collaborations have helped shape her life and helped her decide to start a business with her business partner.

Today you’re going to learn:

  1. How collaborations shape you from early stages in life
  2. The beauty of HR and the creation of business partnerships
  3. Why you should be yourself and be in alignment every day.

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The Beauty of HR and Collaborations

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