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November 8, 2018

Episode 3: 4 Things Holding You Back from Starting Your Online Business

4 things holding you back from starting your online business

4 Things Holding You Back From Starting Your Online Business.

In today’s episode we’re talking all about the 4 Things Holding You Back from starting your online business.


Or at least, stopping you from moving on building your dreams.


With so much happening in the world, you know social media feeding us information, our brains sometimes feel inadequate to cope with and the changes and news.


But what I’ll say is you need to remember that whatever goes on outside in the world, are things that will always be there and it might not always change.


However, what you can change is your mental ability to create the life you want. 


And this is dependent only on you – and nothing else.


So, let’s talk about the 4 Things that could be holding you back from starting your online business.


Or moving it forward, and more importantly, how do you get over them:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Your Past
  3. Self Doubt
  4. The Right Moment


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