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The 3 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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The 3 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

To become successful (and not only in business, but also in life) you need to learn and adopt habits that will steer you in the right direction.

These Habits will keep you focused and become second nature – if practised daily!

So what are the 3 habits of successful entrepreneurs that you can adopt daily, to guide you and make you move forward in life….

#1. You have a Skill
For obvious reasons, we all need to know what we’re good at.

Some are good at creating art, some are amazing at inventing things and other people are good in history, geology and science.

Growing up, you’re told to work on your weaknesses and do better in the subjects that you’re not thriving in. In the end you just get more frustrated and you start losing your own confidence.

You need to know what you’re good at and put all your efforts into that. You need to gain knowledge and skills for the things you love doing and build your confidence through those channels, that will make you reach the top.

There are many people in the world with disabilities, but you don’t hear people say that they’ve got to work on their disabilities and focus on them….

No, you hear people encouraging them to do amazing, other things. Things they love doing and which they are good at…

This is how we all should function – take your passion, build it up and thrive in it.

Every person in this world, is good at something…

What are you good at?

#2. Face Your Fears 
We have all heard that little voice in the back of our heads talking to us.
(Goodness, and I thought I talk a lot…)

That little voice never stops, always telling you don’t do this, don’t do that.

Or, be careful that’s too risky.
Always having an opinion on something or someone…

We train that little voice and we can teach it with positive or
negative information.

I’m an Elvis fan, so I called my little voice “the devil in disguise”.

My little voice always told me in school, that I can’t go into swimming competitions, because the other kids are better swimmers than I am.

Then this little voice told me that I shouldn’t start investing in properties, because it is too much money and risky.

When I wanted to start my own online business, this little voice laughed at me and said…..

‘Do you know how difficult it is to have your own business?’

I had to learn, how to train this little “devil in disguise” and change it from having negative, to positive discussions…

As humans, we tend to stand dumbfounded in front of a tiny little pebble in the road….

You see, your little voice have already told you that this is a big mountain and it’s just not possible to climb….

So we listen to our little voice and just can’t see a way around this “mountain” – we get blinded by fear.

So how do you deal with this little voice, telling you to be fearful all the time?

Well, just face your fear – take that leap of faith and step over the pebble!

Just Do it!

Why are you scared of something that might or might not happen?

Then when you have stepped over that “mountain” and turn around, you will see this tiny pebble and realise – heck, that wasn’t so bad….

On to the next one!

If you’ve taken the chance and do something ONCE, you’ll realise that you can do it AGAIN and AGAIN!

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If you really learn to control this little voice and feed it positively, you’ll start sweeping the road, instead of stopping in front of every pebble!

#3. Gain Confidence
You need to commit to your Dreams & Goals.

If your goal is to have your own business, you need to commit and DO something every single day that’ll take you towards that dream.

Even if you can only commit to 30 minutes a day, that’ll take you one step closer to that goal.

With every step, you gain confidence.

With every NEW SKILL you learn, you gain confidence!

Every FEAR you overcome, you gain confidence!

Have the courage to take that leap of faith and don’t let fear stop you.

With your confidence growing, you take on more challenges and the more challenges you face, the more your confidence grows.

Learn new skills, develop your knowledge.

Your daily commitment becomes a habit.

Your habits become second nature and you grow from within…

Always strive to build your confidence!

Leave me a comment below and let me know WHICH QUALITY you feel you need to work on.

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