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January 9, 2020

Episode 39: Are You Too Young To Start A Business?

Are you too young to start a business

Are You Too Young To Start A Business?


If you’re still thinking of starting a business but you’re worried that you’re too young or maybe even too old to start – then you definitely need to listen to this podcast episode.


On the other hand, you’ve already got your business up and running but wondering how you can expand and grow your business…. Then this episode is also for you.


Today is going to shine some light on your questions & inspire you to do amazing things.


I’m so pleased to introduce you to Sarah Malik & Cali Mack, founders of Malik & Mack.


Malik & Mack is a Design Studio, who loves working with ambitious individuals, innovators and creators, building brands that are impossible to ignore.


They’ve recently been voted one of London’s Top 50 Female Founded Companies.


In today’s episode, Sarah & Cali’s going to share with us how they founded their company & started working together to grow their business.


We’re also going to discuss, how co-founders can work together to build a vibrant business and lead a strong team together.


So, if you’re still thinking you might be too young or old to run a business or even wondering how to grow your business – let this episode inspire you.


You might also want to listen to this Episode 3: 4 Things Holding You Back From Starting Your Online Business


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