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August 13, 2020

Episode 69: Why You Need To Enhance Your Success Mindset

why you need to enhance your success mindset

Why You Need To Enhance Your Success Mindset


I’m sure you heard this saying: Success is 80% Mindset & 20% Action, right?

Referring of course to the 80/20 rule which is very well known, especially among entrepreneurs.

So, if you know about this rule, why do you need to enhance your success mindset and how do you do this?

I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Paula Janse Van Rensburg. Also a South African, she’s a business coach and a serial entrepreneur.

Paula’s the founder of Business Women Collective, a platform where women learn, grow, support and thrive together.

In today’s podcast episode we’re going to dive very deep into a few topics, when it comes to your success mindset.

I know this will resonate with a lot of you and if you feel it’s a bit weird, then still listen with an open heart and mind. Something somewhere will resonate with you and maybe even give you a “light bulb moment” as I call it.

So, in today’s episode we’re going to discuss:

  1. What is your success mindset?
  2. How to think outside the box & get all those creative ideas, non-stop.
  3. The power of meditation & why you shouldn’t over-complicate it.
  4. Enhance your success with Visualisation.

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