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June 16, 2022

Episode 155: Unlocking Your Communication Confidence

Unlocking Your Communication Confidence

Do you feel anxious and stressed when you try to communicate with others?

Then this conversation with Victoria Reynoldson is just for you.

You’ll learn the 3 tips on how to unlock your communication confidence.

As per Victoria: “Communication is about connection, and it’s about connecting. Like we are now human to human and having really good conversations.”

Victoria Reynoldson is a communication and culture coach who helps international professionals build their communication and cultural confidence.

She has a passion for language and communication. She’s worked in brand marketing for 12 years and is the founder of Perfect Cuppa English. 

This is Victoria’s story…

I’m Victoria Reynoldson, communication and culture coach. I work with international professionals all over the world who have English as a second language.

I help them build up their communication and cultural confidence so they can grow their businesses or careers. I got interested in communication when I realized there was a big gap between what we think we’re saying and what is actually being heard and interpreted.

I think it’s important to understand that we all go through an improvement journey and have our ups and downs when it comes to confidence. It’s not like we hit the confidence level and then we’re done.

I try to help people think about communication agility instead of perfection. Being agile means being able to laugh at yourself, admit when you make a mistake, and move on. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How to unlock your communication confidence

2. How to share your Voice & Visibility through communication

3. Understanding cultural insights to build connections and enhance productivity

unlocking your communication confidence

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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 – You can also connect with Victoria via LinkedIn, Instagram and follow her YouTube Channel

 – Success With Motivation Facebook Group

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