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September 19, 2019

Episode 25: How To Grow Your Business From The Heart

how to grow your business from the heart

How To Grow Your Business From The Heart


How To Grow Your Business From The Heart.


Want to grow an authentic and heart driven business? 


Today I’m honoured to introduce you to Cassandra Shuck.


I was really excited when Cassandra agreed to come onto The Entrepreneurial Success Podcast, as I know she’s always got such great value to offer.


Cassandra is a Business Growth & Profitability Strategist & a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur.


She’s the founder of Tola Marketing & Creative. Which is a creative full-service & digital marketing agency.


And also, the co-founder of Milkin’ Cookie, a lactation support cookie company for breastfeeding woman around the USA.


Cassandra’s passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs to live the life they want, by growing their businesses through mentoring & strategy.


In today’s podcast interview, Cassandra will be sharing 3 Fantastic Tips on how to grow your business from the heart.

We’re going to talk about:


  1. The Art of Pivoting in Your Business
  2. The concept to Stop devaluing yourself and other female entrepreneurs
  3. And then lastly, balancing Business & Life as a female entrepreneur.
Cassandra also have a fantastic Instagram Account.
You can now follow her on @cassandrashuck


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