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August 21, 2019

Episode 21: How To Build An Audience on Social Media

how to build an audience on social media

How To Build An Audience On Social Media


Have you ever wondered how so many other people can get such a big audience & following on social media?


You might just be starting out or you’ve already been running your business for a while now…


But trying to build your audience can be tough, specially if you don’t know what you’re doing.


I’m so honoured to introduce Alma Bradford on this podcast episode.


Alma teach consultants and freelancers how to grow a profitable business through social media & personal branding.


She first started her own digital marketing company where she ran marketing campaigns for global companies & startup businesses.


With her team, she managed social media, handled public relations and did SEO to help her clients grow an audience online.


While running her marketing company, she also did management consulting and project management for technology teams, building mobile apps & website tools.


With all her experience, it inspired her to start teaching other business owners how to grow and scale their own service based business and also sell digital products.


Today Alma’s going to share some great tips on How To Build an Audience on Social Media.


In addition, Alma will also be sharing four lessons she learned while building and scaling her own business.


Instagram: @almajbradford


You can also listen to Podcast Episode 7: How to get Free traffic with Social Media


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