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September 5, 2019

Episode 23: Why & How You Should Use Instagram TV (IGTV)

why and how you should use instagram TV

Why & How You Should Use Instagram TV (IGTV)


So you’ve been on Instagram for a while and maybe tried to use IGTV, once or twice right?


But the idea of being on video all the time & not to mention what you should say, when recording….


Well that can be daunting, specially if you’re just starting your business.


Did you know that Instagram TV is actually one of the best ways to build your brand, get your name out there & grow your following?


In this Podcast Episode, I’m very honoured and thrilled to introduce you to Erica Johnson.


Erica is the founder and creative director of E-Partners Marketing in Jacksonville Florida.


She helps busy business owners who are ready to stand out in their industry with marketing, design & public relations.


Erica is super creative and I love all her concepts, ideas and techniques.


Today Erica is going to share with us:


Why and How you should use Instagram TV (IGTV) for your business and brand.


In addition Erica will be sharing some great tips on how to get started.


How to just get out there, get your brand recognised and build your following in Instagram.


Also take a look at Erica’s IGTV Guide & 20 Video Ideas, which you can use today. 


The link to download this guide for free – so make sure you grab it!


You can also follow Erica on Instagram: @epartnersmarketing 


You can now also listen to Podcast Episode 21: How To Build Your Audience on Social Media


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