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October 17, 2019

Episode 28: How To Become More Productive As An Entrepreneur

how to become more productive as an entrepreneur


How To Become More Productive As An Entrepreneur


I want to ask you, how do you plan every day in your life or business?


If you walk into your office every morning, do you know what your goal is for that day and what you need to do to achieve it?


Or do you just go with the flow and get busy?


Today I’m talking to Megan Sumrell.


Megan’s a Time Management & Productivity Coach.


She helps female entrepreneurs learn how to control their calendar, so they can 10X their productivity.


So, today’s episode is all about how to become more productive as an entrepreneur.


Megan started her entrepreneurial journey when she was juggling a full time career, a toddler and trying to start her own business.


She was constantly running herself into the ground, feeling like she needed to “hustle” and “always be working.”


In her effort to do all the things, she ended up exhausted, with adrenal fatigue and constant overwhelm.


She knew something needed to change.


That’s when she set out to intentionally restructure how she can manage her time, calendar and tasks.


Now, she works significantly less hours but her productivity and business is growing faster than ever.


When I heard Megan’s story I knew I had to get her on The Entrepreneurial Success Podcast.


Here’s what we’re going to discuss today:

  1. How to apply “time blocking” in your life & business calendar
  2. Creating a productive Weekly Planning Routine, so that you can get more time freedom
  3. The importance of doing a Weekly Close Routine
  4. And one of my favourites, how to communicate effectively with your family & team, so that everyone is clear on the main goal.


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[…] Episode 28: How To Become More Productive As An Entrepreneur […]


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