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April 30, 2020

Episode 54: Do You Know Your Numbers

do you know your numbers

Do You Know Your Numbers


Are you a lover of spreadsheets & numbers?


Or maybe you just don’t fancy running numbers and feel that’s too boring & too time consuming.


But if you’re running a business, it’s one of the most important things you must know…


And that’s what numbers your business is producing.

So, do you know your numbers?


Today I’m talking to Millycent Mashele. She’s a chartered accountant, but also one of my star students from The Entrepreneurial Success Project.


Milly works with business owners and provides a financial management service to South African companies and businesses.


Now, at the time of this recording we would like to let you know that Milly & I decided to host an Online Workshop on Monday 4th May.


In this workshop we’re going to teach you how to start an online business and make a success of it.


You’re welcome to register for our online workshop for free, using the below Button (Date: 4th May)

[Update: This Workshop is now finished and no longer available]


Now, in today’s podcast episode, Milly & I are discussing:

  1. How to plan your business with numbers.
  2. Why numbers never lie.
  3. Milly’s experience of The Entrepreneurial Success Project.
  4. Why getting a coach or mentor is vital for business growth.

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