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Episode 137: What To Do As A Multi-Passionate Creative

Are you someone who have so many interests, that you find it hard to choose one thing to focus on?

Maybe you’ve even heard of the term “multi-passionate”?

Starting something new is so exciting, but before you know it you completely get distracted with a new project and you end up not finishing the previous things you’ve started.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s all absolutely normal and this is actually a gift.

With this in mind, I’ve invited D’Ana (Dee-on-uh) Joi Spencer to come and talk to us today as to what you can do as a multi-passionate creative.

Joi is a multi-passionate, educator, community builder, and content creator.

She believes having many passions is a gift, not a burden and she’s on a mission to rewrite the narrative around “choosing one thing” being the only path to success.

Through her e-book, signature course, and upcoming podcast, Joi teaches creatives how to make friends with focus, overcome overwhelm, and step into their Multi-Passionate Mastery.

Today we’re going to discuss what you can do as a multi-passionate creative. You’re going to learn:
1. How to cultivate your own confidence
2. How to focus using the 3-Part Focus Framework
3. The myth of “choosing just one thing”

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