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October 27, 2018

Episode 1: 3 Beginner’s Mistakes That Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

3 beginners mistakes that every entrepreneur should avoid

3 Beginner's Mistakes That Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Starting out as a new Entrepreneur is so exciting, challenging and at certain times… equally painful.


Spending hours upon hours crafting your online business.


Implementing strategies and modelling techniques used by other successful entrepreneurs is exhausting.


Only then to have that constant worry IF all of this will actually work and make your DREAM come true?


You see, mistakes doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘bad thing’.


And if you want to know why I’m saying this, then read my blog on “Mistakes Make You Smarter”


But the idea behind this concept is, that you need to learn from your mistakes OR even better – Learn from other’s mistakes!


So, in today’s Podcast Episode I want to discuss The 3 Beginner’s Mistakes That Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid.


What you’ll learn:

  • Mistake # 1: Marketing to the Wrong Audience (and how to correct this)
  • Mistake # 2: Hard Selling (how not to…)
  • Mistake # 3: Perfection (yikes…. this is a biggie for me!)

Now, if you are knee deep into getting your Online Business up and running or only Starting to create your own Online Business…


Then you will LOVE this Episode, which I’m using to kick-off The Entrepreneurial Success Podcast….


As mentioned, this Episode is sponsored by my Free 6 Step Guide To Starting Your Online Business. 


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And here is my mascot for today, ready to play 😂

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