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Mistakes Make You Smarter

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Mistakes Make Your Smarter

When you want to start your own business (either bricks and mortar or online), we tend to be so scared of making mistakes.

These mistakes could make us fail, lose money, make us look bad….

However, we’re all just human and it’s part of our nature to make mistakes….AND LEARN FROM THEM!

No Successful Entrepreneur will ever say that they’ve started their business and grew it without any issues, mistakes or failures at some point….

Richard Branson wrote letters to his Younger Self and in those he said the following:

“You will fail time and time again….it’s important to pick yourself up, retrace your steps. Look at what went wrong and learn from your mistakes.”

In school they teach that it’s a bad thing to make a mistake, but as an Entrepreneur… you learn that Mistakes only make you SMARTER!

So, why can mistakes make you smarter? 

Here are the 3 Mistakes You Can Learn From:

#1. Comparing Yourself to Other Successful People

Upon starting my own business, the one thing I’m very thankful for was to have my mentors and coaches helping and guiding me, on my journey.

I followed them, studied their techniques, tapped into their knowledge, experiences and grew along the way.

But when you start your own business, you do find that you’re comparing yourself to other’s successes all the time.

This is the first mistake we all make, when setting up our own businesses and developing our strategies.

Not only are you comparing where you are NOW, to what they’ve already accomplished – you’re also demotivating yourself in the process.

Remember that they had to start somewhere also – they didn’t just wake up one morning, rolling in success and money.

So when you do look at other entrepreneurs and the success they’ve had, let them inspire you instead!

Use that to your advantage and learn how they did it and adopt their techniques and habits.

That’s why we have idols and icons – people we can look up to and motivate us to push forward on your own journey to success.

#2. Copying Other People’s Work

We all know the teacher’s phrase: “Keep your eyes on your own work – no cheating!”

And if you did cheat and copy someone else’s work, you’ll end up in the principal’s office…

In business, the same phrase applies.

The reason it’s so important not to copy other people’s work – apart from possible copy rights – is that you’re not making YOUR own voice heard.

There is so much traffic & noise on the web, that you’ll just be another voice, getting lost in the crowd.

What you can do though, is LEARN what other successful people are doing and using their techniques and tools – but implement them in your own work.

And I teach this in The Entrepreneurial Success Project.

Otherwise, you’ll lose your audience and ideal customers.

Authenticity and Honesty wins every time. Be yourself or the better version of yourself.

Stand out from the crowd.

#3. Taking Bad Advice

Bad advice is the most expensive advice – ever!

How many times have you had an idea, a thought or an invention? 

Then you get so excited about it, you tell a friend or a family member, only for them to pull a face and say “ I don’t think that could work…”

And they’ll tell you every reason THEY believe it won’t work.

You end up listening to them and missing opportunity after opportunity to take this idea forward.

This idea could have been the one thing to set you financially free!

You see why bad advice can be costly?

When you get bad advice, you just need to mentally put it in the trash can, smile and listen to what your heart tells you.

If you want advice – then go and search from a professional, qualified or experienced coach or mentor.

People are very quick to offer any advice – but they’re hesitant to get themselves educated and gaining the right knowledge to make a success.

The best way to move forward is to understand and know that mistakes are inevitable – but you can learn from them and you can learn from others.

Just don’t let them stop you from moving forward.

So think about the mistakes you have made the past…. and don’t worry about making new mistakes – as long as they make you smarter.

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