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January 5, 2023

Episode 163: When To Use Your Story To Help Business Growth

When To Use Your Story To Help Business Growth


So, be honest with yourself and think about how many times you have shared your story online, on social media, or with your audience.

Maybe you’re thinking that you don’t have a story – I mean who would want to listen to it, right?

Or maybe you’re even wondering how to tell your story?

And those are all valid points, but here’s the difference, no matter how you share or tell your story, it is unique and people want to hear it.

And with this, I’d like to introduce you to Dina Behrman.

Dina is a former Journalist and today she’s a PR Strategist and Publisher, working with entrepreneurs who want to inspire millions, skyrocket their visibility and attract more clients.

She’s also a bestselling author and featured in places like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huff Post, The Guardian and BBC Radio.

So, believe me when I say that this episode will make you think more about how to use your story and grow your business tremendously.

Today you’re going to learn:

1. How to grow your business by sharing your story & expertise

2. How sharing your story and expertise in multi-author books grows your business

3. How getting featured in the press creates a more significant impact and more income. Followed by some great tips.

You can also listen to Episode 108: Are You Using Stories In Business

when to use your story to help business growth

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