Episode 16: What Business Should You Start?


What business should you start


Now if you are passionate, diligent and a go-getter…. (and I know you are!)

You might have been asking yourself: “What business should I start?”

I know you have been listening to a few of my podcasts, wanting to start your own online business… reading a few things on google and just trying to figure out.

How do you start your own online business, but equally – what business is right for you?

But the overwhelming feelings keep crawling back and you just feel frustrated. Not getting any clarity, not making any decisions and not making any progress!

And yet, that strong feeling of having that dream business – no matter what it is – is still there. Deep inside your heart and you can feel it in your soul.

And you know what, that is absolutely normal.

In this episode, we’re going to see what business is right for you and how this discovery might just change the way you think from today…


As mentioned in the podcast, once you know what business is right for you and you want to learn more about how to start your own online business, then sign up to The Entrepreneurial Success Project and I will notify you personally, when our doors open in May 2019.

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