Episode 14: Three Qualities of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs


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I know you might feel a bit frustrated….

Wanting to grow your online business so badly, it hurts!

And when you think about it too much, you just turn your attention away and do something else to take your mind off the struggle.

But let me ask you this…. Have you thought about it this way:

Imagine yourself 12 months from now.

Think about where you would be sitting.

Will it be in your own office?

Would it be in your home or flat… sitting by that desk you thought would be perfect for your laptop and office stuff, that you have accumulated already?

Would you be on a coaching call with a client and enjoying the feeling of helping someone at that moment?

Or would you be standing on a stage and inspiring other people with your work?Confidence oozing from your every being.

Would you be a special guest on a podcast, recording it with one of your “heroes” – someone you’ve never thought in your wildest dreams, possible to meet.

Even better, you might be busy launching your first online course and you’re making a killing. The sales are rolling in and you are super charged with excitement and knowing all your hard work, is paying off.

So think about it – 12 months from now – where could you be and what would you be doing in that very moment.

What would make you feel so alive, so excited and so exhilarated – you cannot help but sit with a grin on your face right now….


It’s a lovely feeling isn’t it!

There’s a reason I’m asking you this question…

Listen to this podcast episode of the 3 Qualities of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs and decide for yourself – how successful you are going to be!


PS…. Leave a Comment below and let me know where you see yourself 12 months from now….


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