Episode 6: How You Can Start An Online Business, While Working Full Time.


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Let’s be honest and tell me if I’m wrong here, but we’ve all had those off days at work, where you are upset, disgruntled or just plain fed-up….

And you are just going to walk into that office and say “I quit!”

You have decided, that’s what you’re going to say or at least, that’s what you think you will say…. right?

You have been going through your days, wondering what that would feel like, knowing you can finally take your freedom into your own hands.

You have been thinking about, starting your own online business and work from home

Knowing that from that day, you are going to be your own boss.

Yup, perfect, excellent – Now what….?

Ok, so I want you to pause for a few minutes first and think about it…

You need to consider the reality first:

  1. Are you financially stable to walk out of your 9 to 5 job, to support your family and pay your mortgage or bills?
  2. Do you already have a business running, so you can walk into it, straight from your full time job?
  3. Do you already have consistent customers, knocking on your door for your service or products?

No? Well then, time to do a bit more planning.

How can you start an online business, while working full time?

So let’s talk about a couple of Factors that you need to think about, before diving head first into this new venture, that you have been dreaming about.

  1. Setup Goals (download the GOAL PLANNER as mentioned in this episode)
  2. Using your Time wisely
  3. Start Building Your Email List, even before you have a product to sell
  4. Understand what your audience wants
  5. Be Patient


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