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December 5, 2019

Episode 34: How To Lead Customers Through These Channels

how to lead customers through these channels

How To Lead Customers Through These Channels


Did you know that you can take your customers on an amazing journey, so that they can enjoy the benefits of whatever you’ve got to offer?


It’s actually your responsibility as a business owner, to guide your customers and help them experience this journey with loving care, honesty & trust.


And this journey you’re taking your customers on, are all linked together through certain channels.


Once you understand these channels and know how to lead your customers through them, not only will they reap the benefits, but you will also grow your business in the interim.


And that’s why I’ve got Natalie Vijlbrief here with us today for this podcast episode.


Natalie’s an Online Marketing & Business Strategist and owns her own company called Digitalie.


She specifically helps creative business owners with their marketing and content creation.


Now in this episode we’re going to talk about:

  1. The different channels you need to lead your customers through.
  2. Why Natalie use Circles and not Funnels in her business.
  3. How to move your customers through these channels, so that they can buy your product or service.

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