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January 16, 2020

Episode 40: How To Attract Your Ideal Market with Facebook Live Videos

how to attract your ideal market with facebook live videos

How To Attract Your Ideal Market With Facebook Live Videos


Have you been creating a few Facebook Live Videos here and there and you just feel that it hasn’t produced the results everyone said it would?


Or maybe you’ve even been thinking that it’s a great way to reach your ideal market, but you’re a bit worried sitting in front of that camera?


Oh, I’m with you on both of those points.


When I started doing Facebook Live Videos – I was scared, horrified actually. I mean firstly it’s live, which means no mistakes, no retakes and no editing.


Then, even when I got the hang of Facebook Live Videos, it didn’t turn around the results that I thought it would.


So, what did I do wrong?


And could you have made these same mistakes?


Which is exactly why I have Misty Dorman here with me, talking all about how to attract your ideal market with Facebook Live Videos.


Misty’s going to talk about the benefits of Facebook live videos and why they do work.


Now, she started her own Network Marketing Company called Misty Dorman’s Life Ninjas. She works with individuals who want to grow their own network and market to climb and grow their businesses.


Misty’s going to share a few common misconceptions of Facebook Live Videos.


But more importantly, she’s sharing her Top 10 Facebook Live Tips with us and she’s giving you the whole PDF guide for free with all the tips you need.

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