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April 11, 2019

Episode 15: How To Ask The Right Questions To Stop Procrastination

how to ask the right questions

How To Ask The Right Questions To Stop Procrastination

How many times have you thought of starting your own online business, but then stop….


You start making excuses for not starting anything.


And you just end up asking yourself more questions.


You get frustrated with all your questions, because you feel you’re not getting the answers, right?


In today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing the 5 Top Questions I get asked.


And I show you how to ask these questions the right way, to get your answers quicker.


The 5 Questions are:

  1. Where do I Start?
  2. Which business should I have?
  3. How difficult will it be to setup my online business?
  4. How long will it take, to have my business up and running?
  5. How do I get over the fear of failure?

So, how do you ask questions the right way to stop procrastination?


So, let’s dive in and get some clarity WITH answers!


And then it’s your turn to share your knowledge.


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