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May 20, 2021

Episode 109: Do You Know Your Options Relating To Dementia

Do You Know Your Options Relating To Dementia

Do you have someone in your family struggling with dementia?

Or do you know of someone who’s assisting a loved one with dementia?

And if so, do you know your options relating to dementia?

Unfortunately, this is a topic that we don’t talk enough about and because of that, most people don’t understand what dementia is or how to handle it.

As with everything, the more awareness we bring to dementia, the more people can get the right support and know what they need to do when faced with this situation.

This is why I’m so honoured to introduce you to Sara Wilcox

Sara set up a charity called Pathways Through Dementia which specialises in the legal aspects of dementia.

She runs a helpline, delivers talks and training on topics such as paying for care, managing finances, the Mental Capacity Act and the Care Act.

Sara’s going to talk to us a bit more about Dementia so that you can get a better understanding and if this affects you directly, you have an amazing source to turn to today.

In today’s episode you’re going to learn:

  1. What is Dementia
  2. How does Dementia start
  3. How Sara supports the carers of those with Dementia
  4. The Charity work at Pathways Through Dementia

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do you know your options relating to dementia

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