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December 20, 2018

Episode 8: 4 Things Your Audience Want from You

4 things your audience want form you

4 Things Your Audience Want From You

One thing I do encourage you to do, is to start your own little community with your ideal audience and customers. 

In this community you can help, motivate and serve them. 

And in turn, they’re all like-minded and can reach out to each other – serving each other with advice and services.

But I guess, the thought of having your own community is quite daunting and this is also where the fear factor kicks in, right?

You’re worried about what everyone would think of you.

And what about the time that it will take from your, already busy schedule?

Then, what about all that valuable and consistent content you need to deliver to them…?

Not to mention the fear of showing up live and being there for them, all the time….

You know what, all these fears and worries are all normal. 

You’re not the only one feeling like this and to be honest, the only reason you’re feeling like this… is because it’s the unknown factors of having or doing something new.

To get such a community together will take time and the benefits are so valuable to each and every one of your followers. And not just to them, but to you also.


Well, because you learn what your audience want and you then know what to give them. This way you build a stronger and more valuable relationship.

You’ll become the expert in your niche and the one person they can look up to, when they need help.

To build this amazing community, there are 4 things that your audience really, really want from you and it’s important for you to know about these.

So, what are they:

  1. Understand your audience by asking what they are struggling with
  2. Give consistent and valuable content, to solve their problems
  3. Show up, when you say you will and build that reliability factor with your audience
  4. Just be you – no need to try and be someone else. Your energy is your tool to connect on a deeper level with your audience.

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