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Selling With Authenticity

Selling With Authenticity

I want to talk a little bit about selling with authenticity. I know there are so many topics out there about selling and how to sell authentically. 
But I wanted to dig into this topic a little bit more, which might help you a little bit as well. And particularly if you want to try and sell your services to prospective clients or even to your audience.
Now, I know when we talk about selling your services, the word ‘selling’ can have a connotation to it, where you might feel a little bit apprehensive with the word selling. And that’s okay. 
One of the major things that I’ve heard so many times is: “But how do I sell now?”
There are so many different ways to sell. But first of all, you’ve got to understand that you were not born to sellYou’re not born with that kind of skill. It’s something that you can learn. 
But there are so many things that hold you back from selling. And those kind of things are really just your beliefs. 
Now, beliefs are a very strong word because first of all, beliefs are created by stories you tell yourself and you end up believing. Or it could also be stories that other people have told you and putting their kind of thoughts into your headAnd now you believe that, too. 
So you see, at the end of the day there are examples like if somebody has told you that you’re not really good at selling, you can’t really sell anything, you’re not a salesperson, or you should not be in this department. 
Whatever those kind of stories that people are telling you, you end up believing them. 
I mean, if somebody tells you that you’re not a good salesperson, you can’t sell anything. You’re gonna believe them, right?
And it’s so hard then when you’re running your own businesses and you’re trying to sell your services. That’s sometimes where we kind of run up against the barrier and we don’t know how to get over it. 
So what I really want to share with you is the three ways that you can sell authentically. 
And this is something that you will have to learn. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is something you’ve got to concentrate on. And it is something that you’ve got to practice. 

1. Your Beliefs

So the first thing I really want to say is to know what your beliefs are. If you think about selling, what are your beliefs regarding selling? 
What you really have to think about is what are those underlying things that are stopping you from selling your services or making you feel that this is not true to who you really are? 
Those kinds of beliefs, you can then easily swing around because selling is really just a tool that you’re using.
I know it’s got a negative connotation when people say ‘selling’, but if you think about it as a tool that you’re using in order to help somebody else, then obviously you can start thinking and changing your mindset and also your beliefs about it. 

2. Your Relationships

The second thing that I want to say is so important, is relationships. 
You have to build relationships with people so that they can get to know who you are.
Those kinds of relationships are really the key element for any way to sell authentically. 
Now, it’s happened to me so many times where I’ve just had a conversation with somebody without the intent of really selling them my service. 
But because the conversation and the relationship were so strong between us, where they really felt they could turn around and say: “How can I work with you?”
So at the end of the day, the second thing that you really have to concentrate on is just building that kind of relationship with your audience so they can obviously get to know you.

3. Communication

And then the last of that I want to share is to communicate. 
Oh, my goodness. This is something that I’ve seen so many times that people think they do right. 
But they don’t. Because, again, when you communicate with somebody, it needs to be authentic. It needs to come from the heart. 
It really needs to resonate and be aligned with who you are and what you do. But also, when you communicate, it is not just about you.
You need to communicate in such a way that your audience can obviously connect with you. 
And that’s where you have to start learning what kind of language your audience is using so you can use it in order to build that relationship with them again. 
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1. Think about where your kind of beliefs originate from so you can swing them around. 
2. And then also how to really build a relationship with your audience 
3. And how to communicate effectively with them so that once you really start selling your services, it is as easy as having a conversation wherever you are.

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