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Why You Won’t Get More Clients By Doing Everything

Why You Won't Get Clients By Doing Everything

I wanted to talk to you about something today, which I’ve seen quite a fair bit of lately.


I’ve also heard a lot of my clients coming to me and asking me about this. 


And this is about the fact that you could possibly be trying to do too many things to attract your clients or customers. 


Now, here’s the thing. I’ve seen this and I’ve experienced it myself. If you try if you try and do too many things at one time, you are going to get overwhelmed. 


Okay, so if you’re trying to be on Facebook, on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, heavens, nowhere else, if you’re trying to be on too many platforms, you are going to get overwhelmed. And the other thing is, is once you start getting overwhelmed, you might even find that something’s not working for you, which means you’re not getting any results. 


And if you’re not getting any results, you might even just say:”Oh my gosh, I’ve got to step up, I’ve got to do something else.” So you might even go and spend money on unnecessary tools, unnecessary strategies, and you’re just still trying to figure out what you can do to attract those clients and customers. 


Now the worst part is, is when you don’t get the results that you were looking for, or you were hoping to get, you might get to a point where you go: “Oh, my gosh, this is not working. I just give up!”


I’ve been there. And you might have even said that to yourself. So many times, we’re just sitting there feeling I’m giving up. This is just not working. What am I doing wrong? 


I just wanted to say that you might have possibly had the mistake that I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs made and hands up, I’ve done it myself. 


And that’s called the shiny object syndrome. 


You might have heard about it before, but that literally exists where, say, for example, you’re focusing now on Facebook and you’re trying to be visible there. You’re trying to attract your clients or your customers. And all of a sudden somebody says: “Oh my gosh, you have to try Instagram. It is the Place to be you’ve got to be there, you’ve got to show up. It’s going to be great for you.”


So now what you’re doing is you’re dropping Facebook and you’re trying out Instagram. So now you’re getting the profile up, you’re working on your strategy, you’re trying to figure out what you need to do you spending timing on branding. 


If you’re just a solo entrepreneur, you’re doing this on your own, you are going to struggle. So I just wanted to say I’ve been there myself, I have honestly tried so many platforms. I’ve spent so much money on so many different things and strategies in order to try and figure out where can I attract my ideal clients. 


I spend a lot of money, some of them on good things, which is great because their investments, but some of things, some of them are things where I had no return on my investment. And I was gutted. I was thinking, maybe this isn’t for me, maybe I should just give up. But that’s where I realised that I had the shiny object syndrome. And it’s somebody who pointed it out to me, which literally was like an eye opener when somebody said that to me. 


I’m just grabbing all these kind of things, trying to figure out what I need to do in order to attract my real clients, that I realised I wasn’t focused enough. And that’s why I wasn’t getting any results. 


So I want to share three tips with you here today, which you can absolutely use as of today, to start just thinking a little bit differently thinking outside the box as to how you can zone in and attract your clients or customers.


1. Choose ONE or TWO Strategies for Visibility

The first step that I want to share with you is obviously to do with your visibility and your strategies. So, you might be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, oh my gosh, you could be on so many different platforms. And if you don’t see results on all of them, it’s because you’re spreading yourself too thin. 


So my suggestion is either choose one or two strategies or platforms, at the most. Don’t go crazy. And if you want to know how to choose which platforms to be on, well, first of all, figure out where your potential clients or customers could be. 


If they’re on Facebook, yay, you’re going to go to Facebook, you’re going to be on Facebook, you’re going to be consistently there. If they’re on Instagram, that’s where you’re going to be. 


It doesn’t matter if it’s in your email list, you’re building your email list. That’s where you’ve got to place your focus. But again, don’t do too many different things. Okay, only choose one or two platforms or strategies at the most, and then focus on them. 


Now, this comes also with consistency, and I love talking about consistency. This is one of the hardest things for us to do because we’re in a different habit. We’re In a different zone of doing things, but if you don’t show up daily or weekly consistently to your audience, they’re going to kind of forget about you, they’re going to not think that you really the one who can offer them the service or the product that they’re looking for. 


So it’s all about your visibility and being consistent on either one or two of those platforms that you’ve decided to use. commitment and consistency work hand in hand, you have to show up every single day or every single work every single week for your audience. 

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2. Choose 3 Tools Only

The second tip that I want to give you is basically, if you’re thinking about what tools you can use in order to help your business to attract more clients and customers – choose three tools, okay? No more than that. 

And even better if you can get free tools, by all means do that. 


So let’s think about some tools that you can use. Say for example, you want to build your email list. Well, what’s the first thing you need? 


You’re going to need a freebie. So what free tools can you use in order to build a freebie. There are so many. Canva maybe that’s one of them. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Awesome tool to use, I highly suggest it. 


The second thing you need is obviously if you want to build your email list, it’s a landing page. Again, what platforms are now free where you can build landing pages in order to attract your clients. 


And then lastly, an email platform. Those are the only three tools you basically need to build an email list. 

So go and find some free tools or platforms that you can use in order to build your email list. Facebook Lives are free. IGTV is free. Instagram Stories… There’s so many different tools that you can use. 


But again, remember it comes to consistency. So make sure that you have a strategy in place that is showing up consistently. So you can obviously attract your ideal clients and customers. 

3. Map Out Your Strategy On Paper

And then the last thing I want to say is before you do all the work, before you start showing up, you need to map out your strategy on a piece of paper, literally, you have a piece of paper, you have a pen, and you have it all there ready. 


Just let me show you an example. I’ve mapped out my whole strategy and how I’m going to show up every single day with some great tips for you. 


And it works because now number one, it’s not in my head anymore. It’s now on a piece of paper. 


And number two, I know that I’m now committed to showing up for you every single day because my strategy is laid out. 


So those are the three tips that I want to share with you. 



1. Choose only one or two platforms or strategies and just focus on them don’t have the shiny object syndrome, okay. Don’t go Grab all the other strategies as and when they start showing up, you have to stay focused, committed and consistent. 


2. Just choose three tools or platforms that you can use even better if they are free. So you can try them out, see if they’re working for you. Again, just three, don’t go crazy, don’t go and try and do all the other cool stuff that all the other cool kids are doing, because maybe it’s working for them and not quite for you. 


3. And then the last thing is, map out your strategy, make sure that you have it on a piece of paper. Once it’s there, you are committed. But also, you can now see what it is that you need to do is not just here in your head anymore, so you can honestly go and concentrate on that. 



So there you have it. If you’re struggling to get clients or customers and you’re getting so overwhelmed not seeing any results. It might be because you have the shiny object syndrome. 


Think about that. And think about the three tips that I’ve shared with you here today. 

One Comment on “Why You Won’t Get More Clients By Doing Everything

Ash Czarnota
June 25, 2020 at 1:06 am

Great tips, Henriette! You can’t be everything for everyone.


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