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Why Is Consistency Important In Business?

laptop with makeup why is consistency important in business


If you’re already hustling along, trying to get your business online, you know how hard it is to get everything done, right?

I mean, you’re running a full-time operation here!

Managing your household…

Looking after the kids…

Commuting to work (where you are from 9-5)!

And then (maybe) try to get a few minutes in the evenings, to do work on your online business….

By that time, you’re done for it!

Tired…. you can’t think straight….. no more creative juices flowing….

Right there, behind your laptop you just want to cry… is it really worth it?

Uh, YEAH!!!!

Hey, let’s face it girl – you’re working your buns off!

And I Congratulate you!

You’re doing so much more than you think, so give yourself a bit of credit, OK?

You’re doing, what most people could even dream of doing – and that’s to get your business online.

Now, if you can relate to the madness above…. then I promise you there’s a way to get a grip on your life (& online business).

Ever heard of the saying: “Consistency Is Key!”

So, this is what I’m guessing you do those few minutes in the evening (trying to build your online business…)

  • You flip open your laptop and stare a few minutes at the sealing, wondering what needs to be done.
  • Nothing pops to mind, so you open Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.
  • “Ugh, I only got a few likes on that post”…
  • OK, what about my website – how many views did I get today?
  • “Oh dear….”
  • Now what?
  • OK, let’s quickly post something on social media again.
  • Done…

Phew, OK! Let’s see if I get more likes and followers.

Now, let me just say that I’m not telling you off….

Because EVERYONE does that, specially in the start of their businesses.

I know you’re trying so hard to get more people to notice you and your content.

And that you want to build your email list.

But also know, that there are other – more productive – ways to get more followers!

More people on your email list!

More potential customers!

And eventually more sales!

You’ll be surprised to hear, that it all has to do with Consistency.


So, why is Consistency so important in Business?

There are 3 Major Areas in your online business, that you need to keep consistent:

  1. Providing Consistent Content For Your Audience.
  2. Ensure That You Are Consistently Referring People To Your Opt-In Page.
  3. Using One Strategy, Consistently.

Let’s dive into each of these major areas and see how this relates to you and your current situation?


1.Providing Consistent Content For Your Audience

Get a Calendar, right now!

You need to have a plan, all worked out for at least 3 Months in advance.

I’m serious…

If you’re a blogger, or doing podcasts, or putting videos on YouTube – even if you’re sending out emails…. you must have a plan.

Without a plan, you’ll have no traction in your business and you won’t see any results.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Print out a calendar for the next three months
  • Choose ONE day (either a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday etc) that you’re going to post content – every week.
  • Now you need to fill that calendar with Topics – which means for the next three months, you will need 12 topics to post.
  • On another piece of paper, just start writing down topics and ideas you want to post about (it doesn’t need to be perfect – just dump it all down on this piece of paper)
  • If you have more than 12 topics – great! But 12 is the minimum…
  • Then fill in your calendar with a topic for each week
  • E.g: I have a podcast that is coming out every Thursday, called The Entrepreneurial Success Podcast. And every Thursday, I’ve got a topic that I discuss to help my audience gain traction and motivating them, to build the businesses they love.

Now that you’ve got your Calendar filled with topics, work backwards and fill in how much time every day, you are going to spend on a topic, writing the content.

If you’re working full time and you only have an hour every evening, great! Use it to write your content and not spend that time, on social media or watching TV.

You’ll feel so good about yourself!

You have a plan of action, right in front of you! You just need to take one day at a time and execute it.


2.Ensure That You Are Consistently Referring People To Your Opt-In Page

If you’re writing content, you have a blog or a website.

Your website and blog are great for sharing content, but what are you getting in return?

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before on all my podcasts or blog posts – your business must have an email list.

Your email list is your business asset!

And in order to get people onto your email list (apart from providing consistent content), you must have an opt-in page to capture their email address.

So, I would highly suggest you review your blog or website and make sure you’ve got a clear Call To Action, on your Homepage.

This CTA will then take potential customers to a Opt-in Page, where you can provide them something for free in exchange for their email address.

The same applies for your YouTube channel, if you’ve got a video series running, or if you use Facebook Groups.

Always make sure that you have a link to your Opt-In Page to capture leads.


3.Using One Strategy, Consistently

Oh, I love this topic!

There are so many strategies available today, in the online world.

  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Webinars

Just to name a few…

Not to mention all the social media options

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

You get where I’m going with this, right?

We’re so occupied with doing EVERYTHING!

And by trying to do everything, you get overwhelmed.

You get frustrated. Nothing seems to work and you just give up.

Sound about right?

Then choose ONLY ONE Strategy – not two or three!

If you want to learn more about, how to choose only ONE Strategy, then I highly suggest you check out the below:

LISTEN to my Podcast Episode 10 – Why Is No. 1 So Powerful?


So, why’s Consistency so important in Business?

When you do things over and over again – you form a HABIT.

You develop a Habit of providing consistent content to your audience.

In turn your audience will trust, follow you and will want to buy what you have on offer.

You develop the Habit of building your Email list, which means you’ll never run out of leads – ever!

You also develop the Habit of working on ONE Strategy at a time.

Perfecting that strategy, learning as your grow and scaling your one strategy.

Consistency is about taking action every single day, which will pay out in the long run!

Now, I’m going to ask you to take Action today and tell me below this post:

What do you feel you need to take consistent action on, to ensure your business can develop and grow?

Leave me a comment below and declare to yourself, what you need to do!

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