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Where Do You Start To Create Your Own Online Business?

laptop with stationary where do you start to create your online business

Where do you start to create your own online business?

Have you ever had that feeling that something inside of you is asking:

“What if I can do more?”

Or you have often thought, “How do I start my own business and be my own boss?”

A little jolt of excitements jumps through your body and you wonder, what it would be like to sit in your own office and work on your own business.

Working on making your dreams come true and be as creative as you want to be.

But then as quickly as this little jolt of excitement appeared, it disappears and is replaced by fear.


Oh that dreaded FEAR!

Here’s a story I want to tell you about FEAR.

And this, I got from Dean Graziosi and his book called Millionaire Success Habits.

It’s a fable about a Navajo woman who told her grandson the story, about how we’ve got two wolfs that live inside each of us, constantly battling one another.

She sits and tells the story of the one wolf which sees everything that’s wrong and unpleasant in the world. 

He believes that people are mostly bad, things aren’t good and the world is a cold place, there is always fear and negativity.

But then there is the other wolf, and this wolf is always pleasant, different, powerful. 

He’s filled with love, empathy, compassion and always sees the positive in people and the world. This is the wolf that can take you to so many amazing places.

So the child turns and looks at the grandmother and ask: “So grandmother, which wolf then wins the battle?”

The grandmother looks at her grandchild and says: “The one you feed, my child. The one you feed”


So why am I telling you this, well mainly because we all need to understand what fear is and why fear is our biggest obstacle, for wanting anything in life.

If you feed the sense of fear, you will always be fearful.

But if you feed it positively and with courage, you’ll rise above the rest and fulfil your dreams.

You see we’ve become a generation where (thankfully) we don’t need to fear wild animals chasing us down for dinner, so we get fearful of so many other things, which most of the time won’t even kill us.

We get fearful of making decisions, we get fearful of making a career change, we get scared when the computer pops up an error box, we get fearful for tying our shoe laces… wait, no that’s just a joke… hopefully you don’t get scared when tying your shoe laces (but some children do get scared when learning to do this)

Now seriously, if you want to start your own online business so badly…

You know this is what you want and you can feel it in your bones, then learn to understand fear and don’t let it stop you from taking a step forward.

Where do you start to create your own online business.

I’m going to discuss the two elements that you need to look into and take action on today, so you know where to make a start, to create your own online business.


The first element is: Your Mindset

The second element is: The Technical Aspect & Tools


Element # 1: So let’s firstly talk about your mindset.

I’m not referring to the fact if you’re sane or not, I’m referring to your dream or goals and how you have mentally set this up for yourself, to make it a reality.

If you’re here now, reading this blog, it might mean that you’re still in the process of figuring this out for yourself – and that is absolutely fine.

So what do I mean by your mindset:

There are three things you need to be aware of:

  1. What you’re passionate about. And I’ve mentioned this so many times in my blogs and other podcast episodes.
  2. Have you written down your goal or dream? I’m not referring to just thinking about it. Physically writing it on paper so you can see it.
  3. Note down on paper what fears do you have, for starting your own online business.

OK so let’s look into each of these so you can take action today, and know where to make a start on your own online business.


1.What are you passionate about.

If you want to start and online business, it shouldn’t be just for the principle of having a business, it should be for the LOVE of it and to have that one thing that you love doing every single day…. that would be your driving force.

Otherwise, if you start your own business in just something, because somebody else is doing it or you just felt you can do it too.

This will become a ball and chain around your ankle and you’ll feel like your business, just became another job.

So finding the one thing that you’re passionate about is vital for anybody who wants to start an online business.

It could either be that you love cooking, or you are a fitness trainer.

Heck, you could even love working in your garden all day, come rain or shine.

If you’re an accountant and you love what you’re doing, but feel you want to open your own business, then do it.

If you’re a teacher, but you feel you can start your own online business teaching other teachers something – then do it.

Or what if you know self defence, and you feel you can teach others online, how to defend themselves…… then do it.

You see, there are endless possibilities and whatever you have, whatever that one thing is that you love, you’re passionate about, have a skill in….. 

Then it’s your duty to the world and to yourself, to get it out there and help change people’s lives.

You have something that’s unique, your voice is unique and your creative ideas are unique – so go out there and share it with the world.

“But Henriette – I don’t know what I am passionate about and what I love doing?”

Yup, I hear ya – we’ve all got so many things that we love doing, that it can be hard to pinpoint the one thing we want to use and start our own online business in.

So take action now and make a list of all the things you love doing and consider each and everyone.

Whether you feel they would be right for an online business, and that it can help solve other people’s problems.


And if you’re not sure how to do this, I teach this in my online course The Entrepreneurial Success Project.

So once you’ve narrowed down to the one thing that’s your niche and that you’re passionate about, then lets move onto number two.


2.Have you written down your dream or your goal?

Wait, what? Why?

“Gosh, Henriette… I’ve already thought of that one day when I’ll have my own business, be financially free etc etc etc…..”

OK, great – but have you written it down on paper….?


Well, then – get out a blank piece of paper right now and sharpen that pencil – because we need to get that dream or goal, out of your head and onto paper.

Now start writing, what’s your dream or your goal.

Write it in big capital letters at the top of the blank page…

OK, now underneath that, I want you to write today’s date.

And then underneath that, write MY DEADLINE and follow this by writing the date that you want to achieve this goal or dream by.

But a word of warning – please be realistic and don’t say ‘I want a million dollars in 6 months….’ specially if you’re just starting your own business from scratch.

So write the deadline which could either be 5 years from now, 3 years or 12 months.

OK, now let’s write down 4 things you MUST do, to achieve this goal.

And write it underneath your deadline.

It can be something like: get my website up and running, or I have to exercise 3 times a week to lose this weight, or I have to sign up to two online courses to educate myself.

It can be anything.

So whatever your dream and goals is, what 4 things do you have to do, to reach that goal?

Now, NEXT to those 4 things, again I want you to write a deadline for each.

So you can put them in order if you want later, but first write down the deadlines you MUST achieve each of these 4 things or actions, which will help you achieve your main dream or goal.

Wow, now put down the piece of paper and look back over it.

It looks neatly laid out, it makes sense and you know what – you have just created a plan of action for yourself to reach your dream of goal.




If I was there, I would give you a high five right now – so you can pretend and High Five yourself ok…

Now let’s move onto number 3.

3. Noting down what your fears are.

Ohhhhhhhhh now this is a biggie for some people.

But you know what, let’s do this together right now and you’ll see….. it’s actually not so bad.

OK, grab another piece of blank paper and let’s start.

Write down the THREE main fears you have, for reaching that ONE goal or dream, you wrote on the previous piece of paper.

So, if you dream’s to start your own online business, what are the main three fears you have that could stop you?

It could be that you’re worried about the fact, that people might not buy your products…

Or fear that you might fail and your business is not a success?

Or you fear the fact that you’ve no technical skills and don’t know how to run an online business?

Or what if your goal was to lose weight and become healthier and live a healthier live… but you fear that you might lose the willpower to go through with it.

Or you fear that you might not lose the weight and fall back in your normal routine

Or even more so, you fear that you have to do all that exercise and diets that others swear by, but you’re worried it might just be a waste of your money.

You know what, all of your fears are valid, but they’re also your excuses for not proceeding in taking the next step, towards your goal or your dream.

So now that you’ve written down your three main fears, let’s think about them and the worst that could happen for each fear….

Well, the worst thing is that they could come true, right?

But let’s flip that around and think, what is my plan or exit strategy, IF this fear was to come true.

As an example, if one of your fears were that you’re scared people won’t buy your products, well then what would the solution be?

You can either go and educate yourself and see what your competitors are doing, so you can learn from them on how to market and sell your products the right way.

Or you can do marketing courses and learn how to sell your products – which again, I teach in The Entrepreneurial Success Project

Or even better, you can get a mentor in your industry and get their help and guidance to market and sell your products.

Wow, three solutions for ONLY ONE of your fears.


Or here’s another one, what if you fear what other people will think of you, when you have your online business and you are just starting out.

You worry that people will think you’re a fraud and your family and friends will make fun of your decision to have your own business.

Well, here is a solution – Just say: “So what!”


You know we all have this fears, specially when we want to do something new for ourselves and we always worry what others might think.

If anything, when you’re an expert or have a skill and you’re helping, to solve other people’s problems – you will become their hero.

They will think: “Wow, this person really knows how I feel and are helping me solve this issue.”

So trust me, stop worrying about what other people will think and use that brain space rather to figure out, how you can help other people with your product or service.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, just be you and be authentic.


Now, sit and write down what solutions you think will work for your three main fears.

All of a sudden, those fears don’t seam so bad after all, do they?

If they happen, hey, you don’t have to worry because you now have the solutions.

So there you have it, now that your mindset is right and you have all this positive energy, let’s move to the second element for creating your own online business.A

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Element # 2: The technical aspects and tools.

So what do you need to start your online business?

Now that you have figured out what your niche is and what you’re passionate about, there are three things we need to cover on the technical part.

1. Sit down and think about your ideal audience.

Now I’ve gone over this in my previous podcast episode 5, so you can listen to that podcast separately.

2. Know that your email list, is your most important asset.

So you must start by building your email list and collecting the email addresses of your ideal customers.

3. You need to understand that in order to collect the email addresses from your potential customers, you need to give them something for free in exchange for their email address.

Remember people’s email addresses are very personal to them, like their mobile numbers. They won’t just hand it over to anybody.

So, if you’ve got something to give for free, like an audio, worksheet or template which they can download and it’s helpful to them, they’ll give you their email address in exchange for your freebie.

From a technical point of view, I use ClickFunnels for my landing pages.

Your landing page is a stand alone page that you can create, without the need to have a website. This page is where your ideal customer, insert their email address and can download your freebie.

In order to collect those email addresses, I use Mailchimp.

With Mailchimp, all the email addresses I receive are stored securely and from there I can reach out to my ideal customers, by creating email campaigns and help solve their problems via emails also.

And if one of your fears was to understand the technical aspects on setting up an online business, then I also show you how to do this in my online course, The Entrepreneurial Success Project, where I teach my students how to setup their online business and we go through all the technical aspects, step by step.

So for all the technical aspects and how to put together your online business, I highly suggest you sign up to The Entrepreneurial Success Project where I can help you, step by step.

So let’s recap on the two elements you need to think about, when starting your own online business.

The First Element is your mindset

1. What you’re passionate about. What do you love, what are your skills and are you an expert in a certain field?

2. Write down your goals and dreams and break it down with the deadlines and action steps you need to take, to make this goal or dream a reality.

3. Note down all your fears for reaching this goals or dream, and write down all the solutions for each fear

Then for the second element, relating to all the technical aspects and tools:

  1. Know who your ideal audience is, so you can market only to them.
  2. Build your email list using Mailchimp, as an example.
  3. Give something for free to your audience, in exchange for their email address.

So, if you haven’t taken action yet on any of these points we’ve discussed today, your dreams and goals of starting your own online business, will only stay dreams and goals.

But if you take action today and start implementing these points, you’ll feel energised and geared, ready to take the next step and the next step towards your goal or dream.

So I encourage you to take these small steps now, and you’ll be amazed and how many doors start opening for you and how much you learn about yourself in the process.

It’s an amazing journey to be on, and I invite you to jump on this train and start your own success story.

So with that, if you haven’t joined The Entrepreneurial Success Project yet, you better be quick so you don’t fall behind and get ahead of the game. Learn everything you need to know now, about starting your own online business.

And if you haven’t joined our free Facebook group, jump into Success With Motivation, where I’m available every day with advice, help and tips on how you can take the steps needed to make a success, even if you just need a bit of motivation.

You can meet other like minded entrepreneurs and join in on the conversations on online marketing, business growth and life style change.

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Vaughan Anderson
January 31, 2019 at 7:12 pm

Good evening Heriette thank you very much. I would like to join your program .
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Henriette Danel
January 31, 2019 at 8:21 pm

Hi Vaughan.
Thank you for your message. I sent you a personal email.
Hope you find this well.


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