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What Type of Women in Business Are You?

what type of women in business are you

What Type of Woman in Business Are You?

Ever wondered what type of woman you are in business?

Wondered what you’re natural strengths are and why you do what you do, every single day?

Being a woman in business is hard work.

But building on your strengths and honouring your weaknesses, is your biggest asset as a female entrepreneur.

Your mindset is key! 

And focus, combined with the right strategy is of great importance for any success.

So take this free quiz and find out what type of woman in business you are.

There are four categories:

  1. You’re a Passionate & Inspiring Woman in Business
  2. Logical & Goal Driven
  3. Creative & Spirited
  4. Trend Setting & Trusted
Each type has it’s own strengths, ideas & motivation – which one will you be?

Equally, you try to be everything to everyone.

Mother, wife, sister, daughter & entrepreneur.

You have so many different roles to fulfil and every single one of them, requires all your emotions, inspiration & motivation.

However, when it comes to business you can’t be or do everything.

Acknowledging your strengths and honing in on them to grow your business is by far, the best step forward.

And yes, there will be moments where you doubt yourself and your decisions.

But you can always rely on facts & your intuition.

So when you’re passionate about what you do in your business, you’ve naturally got all the intentions to make the world a better place and invest as much of your energy into helping others.

From a creative aspect, dreaming up your goals and having that driving force to reach them, sometimes takes a bit longer than expected….. but you keep going.

If you’re more logical in your business, your mind is your strongest attribute and you thrive on figuring out & solving problems.

Being a keen observer of behaviours and trends, gives you a sense of the direction a certain culture is taking. That could be your strategy & vision for your business’ future.

So, don’t try and wonder what type of woman in business you are.

Take the free quiz and find out.


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