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What makes Female Entrepreneurs so sexy in Business?

laptop with red heels what makes female entrepreneurs so sexy in business


You’re there, sitting behind your laptop with your head, weighing down in your hands and your eyes closed…. wondering, pondering, stressing and just feeling plain frustrated.

“Why’s it so hard setting up my business?”

“Why’s everybody so successful with their businesses and I’m struggling… with everything?”

You throw your head back and stair up at the sealing, followed by a huge sigh.

Wondering if you made a mistake and that being a female entrepreneur, isn’t for you.

You think back at everything you have tried and failed at….ugh!

And yet, the tunnel seems darker still, with no light at the end of it!

So you get up from behind your laptop, walk into the kitchen and switch on the kettle.

“I need a cup of coffee!”

What makes Female Entrepreneurs so sexy in Business?

For everyone starting an online business, we all have moments like this, filled with doubt and fear.

We question our trials and errors, our decisions and our actions.

Some work, some don’t!

But I promise you, that every female entrepreneur you read about today on social media, or in Forbes Magazine – started like this!

They made mistakes – maybe even more than some of them would like to admit!

They questioned themselves and their own abilities.

They feared the fact that they might fail.

And yet today, there are more successful Female Entrepreneurs than ever before.


So what’s their secret?

If you’ve been trying to get your own online business, up and running and felt like you’ve had more caffeine than your body could take, I can definitely relate to you.

I wanted to know how other successful Female Entrepreneurs made it.

What their strategies were?

What tools are they using?

What products are they selling?

I was intrigued and hungry for information. There was a drive inside of me to find out, because I had a dream of becoming a female entrepreneur since I was 13 years old and it was time for me to follow my dream!

The first thing I realised I needed to do, was to expand my knowledge base.

I started taking online courses, joining communities with like-minded people.

Googling, using YouTube and watch numerous videos!

Reading blogs and listening to podcasts….

And then, one day the puzzle came together and I could finally make sense of it all.


I knew exactly what I had to do and how to start my own online business.

Throughout my journey of expanding my own knowledge and putting everything I’m learning into practice, I came to realise that there are 5 Common Attributes between all the successful female entrepreneurs, that I have been following.

They’ve mentored me, coached me and above all, been great examples of what makes a female entrepreneur, not just sexy in business, but also successful!

1.Get Experience and Grow Your Knowledge Bank

Unknowingly, I’ve already taken this step on my journey to start my own online business.

It was only when I started implementing what I’ve learned, that I realised how important it was for me to take that leap of faith and invest in my own knowledge bank.

I would’ve never been able to implement anything, knowing what strategies work for me, what tools are available and more importantly how to sell my products and services.

And even now, I’m still learning and doing courses.

I’m still gaining experience and utilising what I learn from my students and mentors.

My students told me, that they all got so excited to start their own online businesses and they wanted to dive head first into the setup.

They wanted to get their website up and running immediately.

And start selling their products or services.

But they had no idea how to start or where to start.

And that’s where I decided to show them.

So, I wanted to help women who are Determined, Creative & Goal-Driven Individuals.

For all Ladies who want to build their own Dream, Online Business!

And more importantly, become a better version of themselves.

Lead by examples and help change other’s lives.


2.Learn To Grow Emotionally

You have a dream, a desire and a goal that you feel you must reach.

It is out there, but it feels so far away!

Everything you’ve tried, failed and you feel you’re still stuck at the starting line…

But what if I told you, that you’ve already moved miles forward – without even knowing it.

Let me explain.

I’m sure you were lucky enough to have received a couple of Roses from someone very special before, right?

Well, then you will also know that Roses are very versatile.

When Rose bushes are pruned, it makes them stronger for the next season’s growth.

They’ll have more flowers, more new stems and will become a bigger rose bush over time.

And the same is true for you as a Female Entrepreneur.

You’ve made mistakes.

You’ve made decisions.

And you’ve taken certain actions.

You haven’t failed at all!

Instead, you’ve just pruned off the things that didn’t work.

You’ve grown emotionally already, without even realising it!

With everything you’ve tried, that didn’t succeed – you have actually learned something.

So now, you can move on, grow new stems and have more roses than before!

Keep pruning and keep growing emotionally.

It’s only when you give up, that you’ve truly failed yourself.

And I know you are a go-getter!

I know, you believe in yourself!

So keep going girl!


3.With Knowledge and Experience, comes Confidence.

Have you ever wondered, what it would be like to go back to High School – but to take all your knowledge and experience back with you?

Crazy idea, I know!

But think about it, you would feel so much more confident walking around the school grounds, right?

Maybe even feel confident enough to go and talk to that guy you fancied, all through your high school career?

I know I would.

Now, let’s swing it around and look into the future…

That’s a bit harder right?

I mean, you have your dream of being a Successful Female Entrepreneur, running your own online business and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Your history is already written. You have made decisions throughout your life, that lead you to where you are now.

But the future is a clean slate – all you have is that dream waiting for you on the other side.

And to get there, you’re gonna need a lot of confidence!

You might even say: “But confidence comes so naturally to other people, why do I struggle to have confidence in myself and what I’m doing?”

Do It Once and You’ll Have The Confidence To Do It Again!

Whatever it takes, your confidence will only grow with continues learning and experience.

Confidence doesn’t come naturally for anybody, they learn to master it!

A word of caution though: Over-Confidence can also be your downfall.

So know where the balance is…


4.Be Aligned With Your Business

Why do you think so many people say they want to Start their own Business, but they never Succeed?

I’ve seen people starting their own businesses and then giving up – almost before they even break through – some even give up before they’ve even started.

They go into their offices every single day and come home, feeling lost & frustrated even.

And you know what, it’s mainly because:

  1. They don’t have the right business structure,
  2. They don’t have the right mindset
  3. OR they’re doing it at a level that’s not true to WHO they are.

Before you even start your own online business, you have to know what matters to you.

What’s your unique skill or niche?

What do you love doing and that you can see yourself doing, every single day?

What do you feel resonates with you and that you can develop and grow on?

You need to know what you are aligned with, before you develop this into your own online business.

Because if you just start any business and it’s not something you particularly love – then you’ll just have a another job.

And for some of you, I know you feel that you want to escape your day job and do something that matters.

Well, then I suggest before you even look at getting a website up an running, buy all the tools for your online business and spend a fortune on equipment – find out what aligns with who you are.


5.Stand Out from the Crown, By Being Only You

The online world is crowded!

Over-crowded even.

And here you are, thinking of starting your own online business, right?

I’ve heard this question so many times: “Henriette, there are so many other online entrepreneurs doing what I wanna do! How will it be possible for me to get a piece of the pie, if the online world is so crowded?”

Simple Answer: “By Being Only You!”

You are unique!

There’s no other person on this earth like you.

You’ve got a unique DNA combination. You’ve got a unique smile, way of thinking and a unique ability.

You are Only You.

You’ve been placed on planet Earth for a reason and you’ve been created as a unique human being.

You’ve got the power to become whatever you want to be – and you know it!

You can feel it deep inside of you!

And it’s your responsibility to go out there and share whatever you have to the world and help change other people’s lives.


Starting, Developing and Growing your own online business, is a Journey

It’s a journey that teaches you more about yourself and your worth in life.

It’s a journey of gaining experience, confidence and emotional growth.

It’s a journey of serving. Helping others and making a difference.

You are unique and your voice matters!

So, if you are still sitting with your head in your hands?

Wondering how to start your own online business?

Then take action and expand your own knowledge.

Learn from other successful Female Entrepreneurs and model them.


Use it and start your journey to make your success happen.

You don’t need the heels to be a sexy female entrepreneur.

You just need:

  1. To Expand Your Knowledge and Experience
  2. Grow Emotionally
  3. Gain Confidence
  4. Be Aligned With you Business
  5. Stand Out From the crowd by being only you

So, go strut your stuff and get sexy!

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