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Three Secret Elements To Attracting Clients

What lies behind your secret door?

Imagine there’s a big door in front of you. Behind this door, everything that you’ve ever wanted awaits you. Anything from growing your business, having more clients, and personal goals like having that expensive trip or buying that dream house. Whatever you want, it’s right there behind this closed door.

Now, to get through this door, you only need three things:

  1. A key
  2. The locking mechanism
  3. The handle

Getting through this door requires more than just brute force or luck; it requires a combination of the right mindset, strategies, and actions. To understand this better, let’s look at these three elements in more detail and use the analogy of a key, lock, and door handle to explain their importance.

three secret elements to attracting clients

1.The Key

The key represents the mindset that you bring to the table. Just as a key is essential to unlocking a door, your mindset is critical to opening the door to your dreams & clients. If your mindset is one of scarcity, doubt, or fear, you’ll find it challenging to get through the door and connect with your clients. On the other hand, if you have a growth mindset, a positive attitude, and a deep belief in your abilities, you’ll find it much easier to unlock the door and get to your clients & dreams.

The importance of the right mindset can’t be overstated. Your mindset affects your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, which, in turn, influence your behaviour and decisions. If your mindset is limiting, then your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions will hold you back and prevent you from reaching your clients. However, if your mindset is empowering, you’ll be more confident, motivated, and resilient, which will help you get to your clients.

2.The Lock

The lock represents the strategies you use to get to your clients. Just as a lock has little pins inside that need to line up to unlock the lock, your strategies need to be aligned with you to access your clients. 

You can use many strategies to get to your clients, such as networking, marketing, sales, and social media. However, not all strategies are created equal, and it’s essential that you align your strategies with your strengths, values, and goals.

It’s at this point that I show my clients that you only need four strategies to attract more clients:

  1. Your Visibility Strategy
  2. Your Attraction Strategy
  3. Your Relationship Strategy
  4. Your Transformation Strategy

Just as a lock that is misaligned or broken can prevent you from getting through a door, strategies that are misaligned with your strengths and values can prevent you from getting to your clients. On the other hand, strategies that are aligned with your strengths and values will help you get to your clients much faster and more effectively.

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3.The Door Handle

The door handle represents the action you take to open the door to your clients & dreams. Just as a door handle is the physical means of opening a door, action is the physical means of getting to your clients. Without action, the key and lock are useless, and the door will remain closed.

Action brings your mindset and strategies to life and lets you get to your clients & dreams. Without action, your ideas, plans, and dreams will remain just that – ideas, plans, and dreams. But with action, you can turn those ideas, projects, and dreams into reality and get to your clients.

With that said, nobody can push you to go through that door. You and you alone will have to take that first step and explore the opportunities on the other side.

However, you might feel that if you go through this door, what if everything you dreamt and wanted is not there. This is where the fear of failure comes in and you’re hesitant to walk straight in.

On the other hand, you might feel that if you step through this door, everything might happen all at once and you don’t think you could handle it. This is where the fear of success comes in.

Either way, you still need to find out and go on this amazing journey to explore the other side of the door.


In conclusion, getting to your clients and accomplishing your dreams requires a combination of the right mindset, strategies, and actions. The key represents the mindset, the lock represents the strategies, and the door handle represents the action. To get to your clients, you need to align your mindset, strategies, and actions, and work together to unlock the door to your clients. With the right mindset, strategies, and actions, you can reach your clients and achieve your dreams.


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