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How To Create An Online Course

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How To Create An Online Course

Online Courses are definitely one of the most effective ways to make money online.

So, you’ve heard this before and decided it’s time to give it a go, right?

Or you’ve already started an online course, but you’re stuck!

Momentum’s lost and you’re not even sure if anything’s making sense.

So you go and cram a bit more information into the course…

Yup, been there and made all those mistakes.

You see the #1 rule I ignored (which even my mentors told me) was to ask your audience what they want.

And that’s exactly what I didn’t do!

So I spend a whole year creating my first online course, thinking that’s what they all want.

Finally when it was done-“ish”… it was time to launch!

Great! Something else I didn’t know how to do… so that took some more time to figure out.

But I launched.

And I didn’t make one single sale (even when I dropped my price and tried selling it at $47).

So if you don’t want to make these mistakes, I’m going to share with you the 6 Steps you need to know, on how to create an online course.


1. What’s your online course going to teach?

As I’ve mentioned, you must always ask your audience what they want.

Ask what they’re struggling with & then you come up with the solution.

If you give them what they want, they’ll buy your online course.

Easy as that, right?

Once you’ve got a good and engaging email list (people that love you and like what you already do) then just ask them what problems they’re facing.

This way you get an idea of where they’re at in their lives and you can give or find a solution for them.

This is then what your online course is going to be.

So, once you know what they want… now its time to move onto Step 2


2. What Outcome do you want your customers to have, from taking your online course?

Now this is the part that everyone mostly skips.

And it’s so important, because if you don’t know what outcome you want for your customers…. 

Then how are you going to create a course that will give your customers any results?

So think about the specific result you want your customers to achieve, by following your online course.

Do you want them to get more customers?

Do you want them to make more sales in their business?

Or it is as simple as learning how to make a triple layered chocolate cake (yum!)

So write down the main results you want for your customers.


3. What topics will be included in your online course?

Now that you know what the outcome will be for your customers, you need to work backwards.

Think about all the steps or actions they need to take, to reach that specific result.

But here’s the best part…. these steps or actions should form about 6 – 8 topics in your online course.

These topics will become your Modules.

The other important thing to remember is that you need to Keep It Simple.

Don’t over complicate the topics.

Less is definitely more in an online course. 

Because the last thing you want is to create overwhelm for your customers and they don’t continue your course.

Worse, they don’t get the desired result at the end.


4. What Methods are you comfortable with, to deliver your course?

Here’s a tip!

Don’t get hung-up at this point….

And don’t spend too much time & try to do everything.

So what do I mean by this?

You see, you’ve got to decide if you’re going to do videos / audios / presentations / workbooks etc.

But you’ve got to decide which you feel most comfortable with.

Most people don’t like being in front of a camera… and if that’s you, then it’s fine.

Or you can even just do an audio.

People have different ways of learning.

Some are more visual and some prefer reading and others like audio.

So, if you can do all three elements, great!

If not…. then choose only one method and stock to it.


5. Plan your Course Outline

I know when you start your online course, you get so excited.

You just jump in and start typing away on what you’re going to say and teach etc.

But then you get to about half the first page and your momentum slowly comes to a halt.

All of a sudden you feel as though you have no more ideas.

Your mind has gone blank and you’re lost.

The reason this happens, is because you haven’t planned your outline.

Your outline is key, to make your online course a success and to help you get a structure together – before you start typing away like a happy unicorn.

So here’s how you plan:

  1. You’ve decided on your 6 – 8 Topics, which will form your modules
  2. Now, decide what lessons you’re going to teach inside of each topic
  3. The rule is to have between 4-6 lessons per module (remember, you don’t want to overwhelm your customers)
  4. Then, as you’ve already decided which method you’re going to use to deliver your online course, write these methods down next to each lesson
To make it easy, you can Download my FREE Online Course Planner below.
This will walk you through all 6 Steps in Detail.


Download The Online Course Planner

The Online Course Planner is perfect if you’re new to Online Courses or you’re already building Your Online Course, but struggling to get momentum and getting it finished! 


6. How are you going to Market Your Online Course?

 There is a long way & a short way to market your online course.

  1. Record all your content before and then when it’s ready, market it to your email list & audience
  2. Do the prep work, but market immediately to your email list & audience and deliver the content LIVE (while recording it).
Let me explain.

Your marketing Strategy needs to be clearly defined, before you even start creating your online course.

If you asked your audience what they want and you’re now about to give it to them, yes they will want to buy the solution from you.

So you’re halfway there.

Neither option 1 or two is right or wrong – option 2 just saves you a lot of time.

So, while you’re planning your online course, post on social media what you’re working on.

Send an email to your list.

The idea is to get them excited and curious about what you’re doing

Then plan your Pre Launch & Post Launch Strategy also.

Are you going to do Webinars, Facebook Live videos?

Are you going to ask an influencer to help you with the launch, by giving them a commission for every sale they made for you?

Whatever your strategy, plan this ahead of time.

And there you have it.

The 6 Steps on how to create an online course

You can download the Online Course Planner below


Download The Online Course Planner

The Online Course Planner is perfect if you’re new to Online Courses or you’re already building Your Online Course, but struggling to get momentum and getting it finished! 


Also, leave me a comment below and let me know if you’ve found this helpful.

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