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How Do You Stay Motivated?

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How Do You Stay Motivated

“You seem to have it all together, Henriette…. How do you stay so focused and motivated all the time?”

I recently got this question a few times and I realised…. this needs addressing, quick.

Because, here’s the truth….

I don’t have it all together! I do lose my own motivation & yes, I do doubt myself sometimes.

But throughout my journey as an entrepreneur I’ve come to realise that it’s normal. Nobody’s got everything figured out.

And that’s all part of the parcel in your journey. It’s a journey of discovery and figuring things out.

Staying motivated, to keep going through all the challenges are just a small entity.

When you follow people on social media and you see how far ahead they’re already in their lives and businesses – you automatically compare yourself to them.

Don’t do that! You’re only hurting yourself.

It’s great to follow them and learn from them. See what they do and what works.

But your journey in life is as different as your DNA compared to theirs.

So with all the adversities, obstacles & challenges life throws at you…. staying motivated to keep pushing helps (a lot!)

So, how do you stay motivated?

There are 3 Tips to help and guide you on your journey, to stay motivated

  1. Setting Goals (get my Free Goal Planner below)
  2. Affirmations & Visualisations
  3. Consistency
Watch the video to see why these three tips will help you.
henriette danel goal planner

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