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How Do You Get More Customers

how do you get more customers

Have you been sitting lately, wondering how so many other entrepreneurs talk about big email lists, having a huge following on social media and yet, you’re still struggling to get customers or clients coming to you?

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How Do You Get More Customers

If you’re still on this hamster wheel, feeling like you’re getting nowhere, then don’t worry.

The good news is that you can solve this problem and you can get more customers or clients to you every single day.

There are 3 Mistakes you need to avoid.

So, I’m going to share with you what they are and how to correct them.

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1. No one knows who you are

If you’re not getting any traffic to your website online, or foot traffic through your shop doors…. the main reason would be, because they don’t know who you are. 

Simple as that, right?
So, you need to get your name, your brand or your company name out there into the world.
Know who your ICA is. Who is that Ideal Customer Avatar that you want to serve and would be the best client/customer ever.
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Once you know who you want to market your products and services to, you need to go out there and let them know who you are and that you exist.
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook Groups
  • Social Media Platforms 

You can obviously pay for Facebook advertising if you wish, but if you have no money then Pinterest is the best way to get organic traffic to you (all the time!)

2. No one knows what you offer

No that you’re getting eye-balls on your business or website, they obviously need to know what you offer.

So tell them…

As an example, if you walk into a store to buy a vacuum cleaner, and there are two products on the shelve – a Dyson & a Hoover.

They both do the same thing right, but one is $600 and the other $70. So what’s the difference?

The Benefits of each product.

You need to avoid only explaining the features of your products or services and tell your customers about the benefits for them.

Yes, the Dyson is smaller and cordless, but what’s in it for me?

Well, I don’t need to hurt my back carrying a big hoover around. It’s cordless, so I can walk around freely without having to manoeuvre around a cable all the time, plugging and unplugging it…

See, benefits vs. features.

Tell them what benefits your product or service offers them.

3. No Clear Journey for your Customer

If you think about a farmer starting an apple orchard, he’s gonna go and find the right type of apples he wants to plant.

When he get the little apple trees, he’ll plant them and nurture them until they’re ready to grow apples, which he can pick and sell.

No the same goes for you as an entrepreneur. You’re going to find your ICA for your business or brand.

Then you’re going to nurture your potential customers, engage with them and find out what they need, to grow.

Help them and give information, provide support and motivation…

Then when you’re ready to sell your service or product, introduce it to your audience and you’ve got a better chance of making sales.

The farmer won’t plant his apple trees, come back three days later and get upset that ther’s no apples to harvest yet, right?

So, be patient and nurture first. Then the sales will follow.

So make sure:

  • You attract your ICA
  • Engage with them
  • Nurture Them
  • And then introduce and sell your product or service

To summarise:

  1. Get Your Name Out There  – let them know you exist.
  2. Tell Them What You Offer – the benefits to them.
  3. Provide a Clear Customer Journey – so they can get to know and trust you.

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