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How Do I Know Which Business Is Right For Me?

Today’s Question comes from Leanne and she asks:

I’ve always wanted to start my own online business, but I’m scared of not starting the right business.

How do I know which business is right for me?

Well, Leanne – that is a great question and I’ve got THREE TIPS to help you decide.


TIP # 1: Make a list of 10 things that you love doing and that your passionate about.

Then ask yourself the following question for each of the items on your list: Can I use my skills and strengths to create this passion into a business and can I see myself doing this every single day?

If you answer NO to some of the items on your list, cross them off and move onto the next thing.

Those that you tick YES – leave them hanging for a bit. Go back the following day and review them, then decide on ONE thing only.

As an example – I can make a list of things like gardening, cooking, yoga, dog walking, fitness training, art – anything that you love doing can go on that list! Whatever feels good and right for you.

Then ask: What skills do I have and can I see myself doing this every day…?

Gardening: Well, I love being in the garden but, I can’t even grow a seed and I don’t like being out in the cold. OK so gardening might not be for me…

Cooking: OK, so I guess I love experimenting with new recipes. Using all kinds of different ingredients and I watch cooking shows all the time. I can be in the kitchen all day and not get bored!

Well then, cooking could be a good contender.

The same can be applied for yoga, dog walking and fitness training. Decide what you love and what your strengths are for each one.


Then TIP # 2: Do some research in the field that you’ve chosen as your niche.

Now this step, so many people skip because they feel its not important…. But it is!

Find out what other people are also in this field and what they are doing. Are they competitors and learn from them.

Go and find ways to educate yourself on how to start your own online business and use you skills and strengths.

Do online courses, find mentors in your chosen field and remember, google is your friend. You can find anything on Google and You Tube.

So keep searching and learn to develop your own knowledge.


Tip # 3: Nothing is perfect.

When you decide to start your own online business, nothing’s going to be perfect and there will always be room for improvement.

So the most important thing is just to start and everything else will develop and grow along the way.

Most people start with what they feel is their niche and even then, it takes them down another road and their business is far different from the one they started.

But that’s the amazing journey of starting a business.

You grow and you develop.

If you think that you’ll start your own business when you’re ready – well I can tell you that you’re ready now!

So don’t be scared and definitely know that there’s no such thing as perfection.

Begin today, and you’ll be amazed at how many other doors open for you!

You can also read here about the three things you need to do first, before starting an online business.

So, how do I know which business is right for me? By following these three tips to help you move forward.

  1. Make a list of all your different passions and choose one.
  2. Do your research and start by educating yourself today!
  3. Remember that perfection doesn’t exist. It’s all about action and getting your but into gear.

There you have it.

Go out there and discover your passions!

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