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How to Grow Your Email List

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If you’re just starting out to Building Your Online Business, you might’ve heard me talk about getting consistent Leads from all around the world and you might’ve also heard the phrases “List Building”, knowing your “Audience” and so on….

And the problem is, most “wannabe” entrepreneurs skip this entirely, because this is “boring” to them….


That’s why so many Entrepreneurs fail within their first year of business….

Please DON’T be one of them!

The world needs more Successful Entrepreneurs and I want you to be one of them, OK!

Right, so why is it so important to have an audience & build your list of potential customers….?

The answer is simple actually:


Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Right, so let’s talk about How To Grow your Email List.

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As you know there are soooooooo many ways to get going and social media is by far the way to go!

But as there are so many options, I’m going to break down the 3 Most Effective Tactics to use RIGHT NOW!

#1 YouTube

Yup, good old YouTube’s getting bigger, faster and exploding with success!

So, why don’t you have a piece of the pie?

Here’s what you can do:

1. Open a YouTube account (it’s FREE).

2. Record some Content that is GOOD and of VALUE to your audience.

3. Upload and TAG your videos with KEY WORDS. (Don’t use random words that everybody else’s using, this way your audience can’t find you in the overcrowding web)

4. Make sure every Video has a CTA (call to action) so, those watching your video, who want more info can contact you / sign up.
This way they get added to YOUR LIST!

5. Make sure Your Email List has a nurturing sequence WITH MORE VALUE!

Easy, right?

Within 5 Steps – you can do this right now!

But you must make sure your Videos can SOLVE a problem to your Audience and must be of VALUE. See some examples of my YouTube Videos.

So, what if you’re not comfortable being in front of a video camera – no probs……

Let’s look at # 2

#2 Blogging

Now, you’ve heard people say “Ugh, blogging is so boring! You’ve got to “feed” it all the time…!”


It’s because they’re not doing it right……

Listen, you have to get your message out there and if you don’t want to YouTube it, blogging is another way to do so….. and you have to “feed” it.

But, there are soooooo many good ways to do it:

1. Get a domain name
Remember: Know what your Niche is, before you do this and spend money for nothing!

2. I recommend WordPress to host your Blog.
Now, DON’T spend too long “creating” the perfect blog. You’re wasting time if you haven’t got it up and running in a week. Don’t be a perfectionist.

You need to get your blogs out there into the world and with time, you can update your blog and make it look pretty.

3. Ohhhhhh, I love this part! Batching….
OK, What is Batching?
I spend one day (Wednesday’s) and I block out everything around me, to write.

During the week, I create about 12-14 topics of things I want to write about.

Then come Wednesday, I get a huge cup of coffee and start typing (my poor keyboard….)

But this is the best part – I just type away and don’t look back.

I don’t re-read my words, correct my spelling – I’m on a roll baby and I want to keep the momentum!

With Batching, I can easily finish between 3-4 blogs a day – sometimes even more!

4. Then the next day, I go back to all of them.
Re-read them, correct spelling and tweak where needed.

But, I have done 3-4 weeks worth of blogs.

5. Load them onto your blog and schedule them accordingly for publishing.

You see – this way you’re AHEAD and never have to worry about not having any content.

But you must be consistent and you must have one day a week setup for Batching…

So what will your day be… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday 🤔 ?

Then, how do you grow your email list from your blog?

Well, make sure you have lots of valuable content in the form of freebies, that your audience can opt-into and this way they also get added to your email list – and your email list will grow.

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# 3 Facebook Groups

OK, why Facebook Groups?

Here’s why you MUST get a Facebook group:

  1. They are FREE
  2. You get your ideal Audience direct from Facebook to join you – immediately.
  3. They can see who you are, what you do and how you can help them – immediately.
  4. It’s powerful! I mean, you can do LIVE videos & send out messages of value to your group. Help them with questions and more importantly….
  5. Build a relationship with your audience….

Let’s face it – it’s hard to get an audience to know and trust you….
And what better way to do this, than via a group

Now setting up a Facebook Group is soooooo easy:

1. Make sure you get a Business Page first
2. From your Business page, create a group. Again don’t try and be too fancy – just get it up and running.
3. Then invite people from your existing friends to join and ask them to recommend other people to join.
4. Make sure you give consistent weekly content with tons of Value, to your audience.
5. Ensure you have some rules setup for the group – very important!

If you want to see how I did it, then join my free Facebook Group: Success With Motivation


You can do ALL three of these Tactics – which has an incredible turnover to grow your list…

Or you can just start of with ONE of them and build over time to add another – that is also fine.

There’s no right or wrong – you just have to do what works for you, right now at this time!

Don’t overwhelm yourself…… remember to have fun, because that’s what it should be all about also.

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed – All of these Tactics are FREE!

So, if you don’t have money to spend on Facebook Ads – then this is the way to start!

Try them out and see which tactic feels right for you.

Reminder: You must be aligned with what you are doing.
Let it come from the heart and be true to your audience…… never let money or greed guide you.

So get out there and grow your email list. Your ideal audience is lying in that email list and you must grow your email list on a daily basis.


PS…. Check out also our Success With Motivation Members Club

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