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Do You Have A Product Launch Strategy?

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How do you prepare to make a sale? 

Do you actually have a Product Launch Strategy?

  • Send a few quick emails?
  • Jump on a Facebook Live when you remember?
  • Do Facebook Ads (or any other advertising for that matter)?

And still, you’ve got nothing…. no response… no sale…!

“What’m I doing wrong Hen?”

Well, firstly…. you’re not doing anything wrong!

You just don’t have the right Product Launch Strategy to make any sales…. that simple.

But here’s another factor….. how’s your mindset on making this sale (read more about that here)?

You see, there are 3 Main Stages for any Product Launch (or even if you have a service).

By applying these 3 stages in your Product Launch Strategy, you’ll see more engagement with your audience and more sales.

Let’s go through each Stage.

1. The Pre-Launch

This is the phase that leads up to when you Launch i.e. when your doors open.

The best way to plan you’re pre-launch is to take out your calendar and plot down 3-4 weeks before your launch, what you’re going to send & tell your audience.

It could be anything:

  • From an Email campaign.
  • Sharing images of what you’re doing behind the scenes for the launch.
  • Doing a Video Series.
  • Sharing information & tips via Facebook Groups.
  • Also tell them when you’re doors will open.

The more you plan in advance, the easier it will be to put in place and let it run on automation.

This then give you the time to concentrate on the bigger picture. 

2. During The Launch

When your doors open, make a big celebration of it!

Get people to join you in a Webinar, more Live Videos & engage as much as possible with your audience.

Give them the benefits of your product or service and why they need this.

Talk to them, listen to their queries and be helpful.

More importantly, have a deadline for when your doors will close.

As an example: If you’re launching a new online course, tell them that the doors will only be open for 10 days, after which they will not be able to access the course anymore.

Apart from you then managing your time better, to spend it with your customers who bought your course, it also gives a sense of urgency to your audience….. so they have a deadline to buy.

Make sure you use Social Media and tell everyone your doors are open.

Get the word out there that it’s all happening and they should check it out ASAP.

3. Post-Launch

This is the part that so many people skip or don’t even do…..

Don’t leave money on the table!

After you’re doors opened, run it for a few days (as mentioned 5-10 days after the opening).

This way you can engage still with your audience, who’s still thinking and wondering if they want to buy or not.

Have another campaign ready for your Post Launch, to engage and help your audience take that next step with you.

You can send them more information in your Post Launch, like:

  • Send them a few Reviews on what other’s say, about your online course.
  • Do a Q&A, so you can help them by answering some questions.
  • Ask what they need help with & tell them about your Return Policy.
  • Answer all their objections.

And send them one last reminder about the deadline… 

You’ll be surprised how many people buy a few minutes before the doors close.

So, if you’re struggling to make any sales, then think about Launching a Product or Service again.

And it doesn’t have to be a new product or service – you can relaunch your existing products or services.

To plan in advance, download my Free Goal Planner.

This’ll help you setup your Goals (even your New Launch) so you can achieve it.

henriette danel goal planner

Download Your FREE Goal Planner

This Goal Planner will help you setup goals with more clarity, but also help you setup goals that are achievable.

So challenge yourself and do a New Launch.

Setup your Calendar with Your Pre-Launch, During Launch & Post Launch sequence.

You’ll be less stressed, by planning in advance and have everything done in advance.

You’ll get more engagement with your audience

And you’ll get more sales.

Good Luck and I wish you every bit of Success!

PS… Leave me a comment below and let me know if you like the Goal Planner 🙂

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