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Do these 3 Things First Before Starting Your Online Business

coffee with mobile phone before starting any online business do these 3 things first


Do these 3 things first, before starting your online business.

“Where do I Start, Hen?”

This is the first question I get – all the time…

And is a perfectly good question also!

I mean, heck…. when I started my online business I was walking around with this question all the time.

Not knowing what to do or where to start is frustrating and best yet…. Overwhelming!

Let’s face it, you want to start your own business and then build your own empire so you can work towards your goal and dream

That’s OK and we all want that…

But there’s a BUT ….

Before thinking about HOW to start, WHERE to start and WHAT you should start…

So do these 3 things first, before starting your own online business

#1. Know what you LOVE

And I’m not talking about the love you have for your spouse, partner, family or friends.

I’m talking about WHAT you LOVE DOING?

  • Do you love working in the garden?
  • Do you love painting?
  • Do you love cooking?
  • Do you love organising drawers?

Gosh – it can be anything!

Anything you’ve got a passion for and that you get so excited doing.

When you wake up in the morning and you’ve got to do that one thing that make you feel all giddy inside. You just can’t wait to get out of bed and start working on it……..

THAT is what you LOVE.

When you know what you’re passionate about and you love doing, then this passion can be used to create your own business.


Well, the simple truth…. This passion doesn’t become another JOB for you.

It’ll be something that inspire you,  push you a little bit further every day and keeps you on track.

This Passion will be the thing that makes you feel super excited to talk about every day, make your mind run wild with new ideas and just being CREATIVE all the time

And you know what?

When you have a passion like that – you’re more than halfway to creating your own online business!

So go and write down what you LOVE doing and what you can see yourself doing every single day.

#2. Don’t be AFRAID

Oh my goodness!

Don’t you sometimes feel that FEAR creeps up every single day and you just worry all the time!

Then, when you think of creating your own online business (let’s face it that’s why you are reading this right now….), you start worrying all over again!

Fear’s sitting on your shoulder and asking: “Oh, but what would my family and friends say when I tell’em I want to create my own online business?”

Or here’s another one: “What if I fail?”

Or another one: “I don’t think I’m good enough”


Been there….

And that is normal – we all fear these things, but why worry about them when they haven’t even happened!

So what do you do….?

Think about the worst thing that can happen – and then come up with a solution for it….

“What if I fail” – news flash, this might happen a few times…. But you need to learn from it and TRY AGAIN.

“ I don’t think I’m good enough” – listen here…. You need to believe in yourself (more about that in another topic!)

The list goes on, but you need to think about FEAR differently and change your mindset

If fear’s the one thing holding you back right now…. There is only one reason:

The FEAR of the unknown!

No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, or in an hour from now or even five minutes from now…..

But, that doesn’t mean that this is stopping you from living your live, right?

So if you fear the fact that you’re not sure how to start your own online business, it’s because you just don’t have the knowledge yet.

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Once you learn, do your own research, listen to podcasts and read how other successful people are doing it – then you’ll find that the fear slowly starts disappearing!


Because you’re getting to build your own knowledge and expanding your mindset to accept the fact that you want to learn more!

You’ll be surprised how many new doors will open for you along the way, once you start expanding your own knowledge.

Remember: Knowledge can NEVER be taken away from you. It can only be expanded!

And this brings me to our last point.

#3. Learn First, then apply

You need to learn, gain knowledge and then apply what you learn…

This is the one mistake so many people make!

They then get frustrated, throw their hands up and give up before they’ve even started.

So if you want to create and start your own online business, gain the knowledge of how to start.

DOWNLOAD me FREE 6 Step Guide To Start Your Online Business

Learn from others and model their strategies.

Read what the successful online entrepreneurs do and what tools they use.

Learn how to implement these tools.

Before you know it, you’ve created your own online business.

Now I’ll say, there’s a lot to learn and it can get overwhelming.

The first thing is to acknowledge that you don’t know it all and to understand that this will take time.

You are NOT going to learn everything in one or two months, but you’ll take huge leaps forward by applying as you learn.

What do I mean by that?

Take on ONE topic, learn more about it and apply it to create your online business.

Then, take on another topic and apply it to build your online business.

Walk before you can run, OK?

Otherwise you’ll fall flat on your face and give up!

And I don’t want you to give up.

I want you to SUCCEED!

Also, checkout Success With Motivation Members Club. You might just find some great value there and I hope to see you inside the Members Club

2 Comments on “Do these 3 Things First Before Starting Your Online Business

Sinelwa Ntshwaqela
January 3, 2019 at 10:46 am

Thank you i will do my best to apply all the strategies you gave me.

Henriette Danel
January 3, 2019 at 1:59 pm

Hi Sinelwa. Glad you found it helpful. Let me know how you get on and what else I can help with.


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