The Coaching Program

I Know Why You're Reading This Page....

You've tried it all!
Downloaded the Freebies, doing online courses, joining communities, maybe even tried other programs.

But you're still struggling to get more customers & make more sales.

Your passion and potential is there, but you always feel on the back foot to grow your business.

And what about getting the right motivation & guidance?

I know you're a female entrepreneur, working your buns off.

Let's face it! You want to build your business and live the life you've always dreamt of (including making the money you deserve of course...)

You want to take some "me-time" every once in a while and not worry about keeping head above water.

And you want to be a proud, successful entrepreneur, helping those around you and get your message out into the world.

Your Core Beliefs

This is at the heart of what you do. You're hard working, loving and honest.
You lead with passion & confidence.

Your Mission...

...In Business is fundamental for you as a Female Entrepreneur. Using what you're passionate about and developing your mission in life, is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

I can totally relate....

When I started my business, I too struggled to get customers.

My biggest fear was also failure... I mean, that kept me up most nights.

But I started to work on my mindset & took a look at planning and creating the right strategy to work for me.

And I did it!

Now I can show you also, how to get the right strategy in place, so you can get more customers and make more sales.

Enter The Coaching Program....

What makes my Coaching Program different from other Coaches....?

Well firstly, I only do 1:1 Coaching
I feel that it's important to work closely with you. This way you get the opportunity to dig deep and feel comfortable inside the program.

The Coaching Program works on my 3 Smart & Simple Principles...
1. Your Entrepreneurial Mindset
2. Your Strategy
3. Your Action

I always lead with love, integrity & honesty. I also have an utter belief that you can achieve your goals, grow your empire and make the money you deserve.

How it works....

To qualify for The Coaching Program, we'll have a Free Discovery Call first.

We'll have a conversation about your current business situation and what you wish to achieve.

From there we'll get a few actionable steps together, so you can start making an impact.

Based on the Discovery Call, we'll move into The Coaching Program.

The Coaching Program Starts With a 90 Minute Session.

Following up from the Discovery Call, we dive in deeper into my 3 Smart & Simple Principles, to get on a fast momentum.

Yes, there will be homework.... but you'll love it.

Action is key!

You'll see how things change and how quickly you'll get more customers & make those all important sales.

The Process....


Discovery Call


(note that not all who apply will be accepted)

What about the cost?

Well, this is the best part!
The Discovery Call is Free.

Once accepted into The Coaching Program, we'll start with the 90 Minute Call & a Follow Up Call.

The Coaching Program
Starter Pack

One Session


90 Minute Call & Follow Up Call

Rest Assured...

No payment is required until we've had your Discovery Call.

However, you'll have such incredible breakthroughs & value just with the Discovery Call, you wouldn't want to miss the entire Coaching Program.