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How Do You Get More Customers

Have you been sitting lately, wondering how so many other entrepreneurs talk about big email lists, having a huge following on social media and yet, you’re still struggling to get customers or clients coming to you? And you’re asking how do you get more customers?

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The 3 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

The 3 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs To become successful (and not only in business, but also in life) you need to learn and adopt habits that will steer you in the right direction. These Habits will keep you focused and become second nature – if practised daily! So what are […]

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Mistakes Make You Smarter

When you want to start your own business (either bricks and mortar or online), we tend to be so scared of making mistakes. These mistakes could make us fail, lose money, but here’s why mistakes make you smarter

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Change The Way You Think To Create Success

  Change the way you think to create success. Right, I need to tell you this, because I want to make sure you learn from my mistake! For you to understand, I need to go back a few years when I was struggling with the concept of trying to find out […]

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